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How to Play against a Maniac

1-3 300 max bi
Early in the session our Maniac is playing about 40% vpip. During this time hero picks off a river bluff on a very scary board.
Now our Maniac is on a heater, playing 80% vpip with 60% pfr and felting everyone around you with 2 pairs and weird ass straights.
What do you do??
A) Stay completely out of his way?
B) Wait until you are playing against him and flop a set?
C) Play your normal game?

On to a hand
A couple calls - Maniac in CO raises
Hero in bb with AQs pops it up
Maniac thinks and calls.... Now heads up
Flop.. Q 8 6 rainbow
Hero bets, Maniac raises (Crap!!! Maniac already has two pair)
What to do?
Hold your nose and call?

Thanks for the help,


  • PNW_ChrisPNW_Chris Posts: 31Subscriber
    Happy to offer thoughts but can you offer some details (e.g. effective stack sizes, bet and raise sizes)?
  • HareReeHareRee Posts: 130Subscriber, Professional
    This sounds like a dream situation to me. Based on my interpretation of your post I would say that you are not willing to lose your stack and so the question I would ask myself would be around bankroll.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    fly in an swoop up those chips hawk, SHOVEEEEEEEEE
  • Rysher8Rysher8 Posts: 234Subscriber
    The answer to your first question is D) None and Some of the Above. When you're playing a maniac, you absolutely DO want to get into pots with him. The key is study him closely to see how he plays certain holdings, because he's likely going to be somewhat face up. For instance, a lot of these guys are maniacal pre, but won't get in big money post without super strength. Others will slow play two pair plus, and only be raising with draws and air. Still others will drastically overvalue top pair hands, and go the felt. Study him, and understand his range when he raises on a board like this. With no reads other than what we have, I would probably sigh fold this on a rainbow board, and study him more. You'll have ample opportunities to get his stack.
  • NightHawkNightHawk Posts: 7Subscriber
    PNW_Chris, neverlearn2.... ty
    As the hand played out I called his flop raise. (H- $750 behind, M- $1500 behind). After my call M slowed down. M bet small on the turn and I called. River C-C... AQs < Q8o
    M slowed down because 1) I was the one beating him. 2) He was planning to rack up (which I did not know at the time) and did not want to lose 1/2 his stack.

    SuperDonkeyCrusher you are correct Sir. I'm building up my bankroll on the "Hail Mary Bankroll Plan" I have been foregoing marginal situations.
    I should post in PGC to chronicle my $0 to $20k bankroll goal.

    Rysher8 Hand reading is the skill I'm working on now. It was a little funny watching the other players looking surprised seeing M turn over 53o for a straight and he raised pre.
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