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Standard-ish hand?

whofoxwhofox Posts: 25Subscriber
I'm in a passive 1/2 game with about $500 behind and pick up AA in middle position. UTG, who's been on a massive heater and has me covered, raises to $12, I make it $35 and two players call behind along with the original raiser. The flop comes out KJ4 rainbow and the UTG villain bets $25 into about $140. I raise to $100 and both other players fold, villain calls. Turn is a J and the villain comes out and bets $100 into about $340. I fold even getting about 4.5:1.

I'm curious about feedback for every street here. On the flop I feel like he might lead out with things like KQ or JQ to "see where he's at" and I saw this guy have a real hard time folding anything on previous hands. I also feel like KJ4 is not a terrible flop for AA unless someone has JJ or KJ, although I guess 44 and KK are possible from the original raiser. But leading out on the turn after I raised on the flop really tightens his range, right? I feel like he's got AK here once in a blue moon and QJ is the reasonable bottom of his range. Thus, the fold even getting pretty good odds.



  • ShawnCrichleyShawnCrichley Posts: 11Member
    Well played I think. I'd raise flop to prevent calls from gutters and other junk that would get priced in so they cannot realize their equity. Raising also helps you pick up position in the hand and get value from AK or KQ. I think $100 is a lot for 1/2 players here and he doesn't think you're folding after you raised him twice. He could actually have KK here UTG, but I would have expected him to bet more on flop. Strange play from UTG guy, but I guess you are beat. You could call turn and fold river to a big bet, but I cannot think of a card that would cause him to stop firing river.
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