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Suited Aces vs Suited Aces

So I was playing a $5/$5 PLO home game its around 1:30 am we are 6 handed average stacks are $2500. I have $3200 a couple people with over $6K. I dealt Ac8cAh6 in early position. I raise to $100 over a $20 straddle 2 callers and then Villain raises to $500 in position. I re-raise and we get in Villain has $1750. Villian has Ah2hAc2c. We are going to run it twice.

Villain poses this question do you want to take it back and play for the $250 in the middle.

Do you take the deal? What are the reasons for taking this deal? What are the reasons for not taking this deal?

PS: I learned something valuable after this hand.


  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    Not sure the hands cause you both have the Ah Ac as described. But if it’s double suited vs double suited. I think in a home game where his chips are not in lockdown I would gamble as long as you wouldn’t tilt. If you think he will tilt and he gambles I would take this spot. If he’s a nit who doesn’t tilt I definitely would take the deal.

    So yeah against a guy who wouldn’t put them in lockdown I’d gamble. Why not. If you get quartered it sucks but you can get it back. So if he is the kind of guy If he gets quartered he might buy in for 10k and gamble it all away then don’t take the deal.
  • MarcoGMarcoG Posts: 9Subscriber
    Sorry about the suits. Happened last night really tired.
  • MarcoGMarcoG Posts: 9Subscriber
    Should have been As2s
  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    There are some meta-game considerations here like Z7 pointed out - is it beneficial for you to have a big stack in this game? Is it beneficial to your image if you are seen as a gambler? Will you potentially put this opponent on tilt?

    Aside from the meta-game, this is a simple mathematical question. (I am assuming you can see his four actual cards.)
    According to propokertools, you have 43.87% equity. All the money is in and so you have two options

    Option A: EV = 43.87% * $250 - 0 = +$109.68
    [Note: It is minus zero since you didn't contribute any money to the pot.]

    Option B: EV = 43.87% * $2000 - 56.13% * $1750 = - $104.88

    Option A is higher EV and clearly a better choice.

    Again, this assumes you know his specific four cards. If you only know he has aces, then your equity in PPT versus AAxx goes to 50.90% and Option B becomes higher EV albeit with much higher variance.

  • iamalliniamallin Posts: 1,173Subscriber, Professional
    What valuable lesson did you learn Marco?
  • MarcoGMarcoG Posts: 9Subscriber
    I didn't think I was that much of a dog to the other hand. But after finding out I would have taken it against this opponent anyway. But there are a few in our player pool who I would chop with in this spot now that I know.
  • betgobetgo Posts: 35Subscriber
    You also have 2 Ac. Making assumptions, I ran it and he is 54%, so definitely take the deal. Plus it reduces variance.

    ProPokerTools Omaha Hi Simulation
    1,086,008 trials (Exhaustive)
    As2sAd2c 53.73% (323,437 wins, 520,101 ties)
    Ac8cAh6d 46.27% (242,470 wins, 520,101 ties)
  • PBJTIMEPBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    iamallin wrote: »
    What valuable lesson did you learn Marco?


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