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Triple barrel or give up?

2/3, hero and villain have about 800 each.

Folded round to hero on button who raises to 15 with 67 diamonds. Small blind and big blind call. Small blind tight regular player big blind unknown.

Flop 894 with one diamond being the 4. Checked to hero. Big blind looks uninterested can see going to fold to a bet. Bet 23 small blind calls and big blind folds.

Turn 2 diamonds. Small blind checks. I think they likely have 9 10 suited, 10J suited, A9 or 10s through QQ with outside chance of very strong hand. Hero thinks and bets 50. I'm thinking they are unlikely to fold unless were getting sticky with a low pair or 8 or maybe a weak 9. Plan to hit river or bluff river if over card comes. Think I can effectively represent an over pair here. Small blind thinks and calls.

River Ace hearts :( missed. Villain checks. Hero thinks and bets 100. I was Thinking this gets missed draws and 9 10 to fold as well as 10s and jacks if I'm lucky.

Question what do you think of the play and was it a mistake to keep betting. Did I bet the right amount?

Nb villain thought about for a while and called saying I don't think you hit the ace and flipped over pocket kings.


  • LevijakeLevijake Posts: 5Subscriber
    This is kinda the perfect hand to bluff. Go for it! I would’ve liked bigger turn on river sizing. 80 and 200

    Straight draws are the best hands to empty the clip with. Especially the bottom end
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    I'm likely checking back the turn, even with additional equity. What are you expecting villain to fold the turn that called the flop on that turn card?

    As played, you got the best possible card to triple. Go ahead and let it rip. Bet bigger though, like $165. I think you gave him too good of a price with your sizing.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Yeah when the turn changes nothing, most V's haven't changed their opinion of their hand. Take the free card. Def fire river.
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