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Slow play flopped flush. Good?

z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
So 5 am main game H has solid image. Won about 2k since moved from the must move table.

5/5/10 rock H covers

Rock in HJ 1 limp. H opens 50 on button with KJssQ8hh

Bad old Persian player calls in SB (3k effective) BB (1k effective) pots to 220. Folds to me I call and Sb calls.

Flop (680):642sss H has KJss. Sb checks B.B. checks H tank checks.

Turn(680): 6x Sb checks BB bets 500(300 behind) H calls and Sb calls quickly.

River (2180):Qx both check. H?

So I ended up checking. Wondering if my line is spewy in anyway. Figure I’m not getting called often enough on flop to make betting worth it. Because of the 642 board. Almost no 2-pair/sets that V’s will have. Also does anybody bet like 500 on river?

What’s the best line here?


  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    On flop I cant see any reason not to do what should be our standard small bet on static board. Even if we knew this favored BB and he would c/r any As with or without another spade we still are making a profitable bet to bet 1/3 or less- I would probably bet 200 on this flop.

    Turn, BB should not have many 6 and few 66 in his oop re raise range pre. So what is he like? If he is one of those players that traps oop on flop with made hands then stabs turn when no one bets the play is a whole lot different than if he is someone who thinks " no one has the flush and I have 2pr so ill bet and get them out". This spot is all about his profile. Given how shallow he is and how we really want to get this heads up against his range absent other info this is probably a good spot to raise as the odds that you are already beat by SB are small but you want any equity he has out, but you have an SPR problem in that min raising to fold to a raise from SB sucks. I still probably would min raise and fold to a SB re raise.

    River as played - why not bet the $300 and again fold if we face a check raise.

    Thanked by 1InFlow
  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    The BB's stack size is barely over the size of the pot OTF, so you are committed against him. So, the focus is on the SB. As such, I don't mind checking the flop here. You could induce one of the players to stab the turn or could allow the SB to think an inferior flush is good. But, betting small like FreeLunch suggested is reasonable too. If possible, I would just like to have a read on how the SB would view a weak flush here and how he plays the dry ace.

    I like FreeLunch's suggestions for the turn and river.
  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    I kinda viewed this spot as like what do I do on K85 rainbow in holdem with KK in position. I don’t expect a straight to call 2 streets or even 1 street most times. And flushes will call turn and river often especially when I check flop.

    Boards that connect better with their ranges I would definitely bet small. This board just seemed so dry I didn’t see value in betting flop

    BB spr 1.3 I don’t know that well. SB is nitty post flop. So it feels like betting on this board will just result in folds very often where checking will get same or more calls on turn when bet, and may induce stabs.

    On turn I thought with Sb behind I can just call and fold to a raise. BB only has about 250-300 behind. River I kind of regret not betting

    So I check river. Sb flips over 7622 or 763x can’t remember didn’t get a good look and BB snap folded seeing the 6. So I assume AA or KK though not sure why he bet turn. Although that was kind of my hope by checking flop so it worked out this time. I think a small river bet would be best though

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