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O8 games in L.A.

imagine7imagine7 Posts: 10Subscriber
I'm travelling to Los Angeles next month to play some poker, and an older relative is coming with me but she only plays mid/high limit O8.
For those of you who live there, what are the best rooms and days/time of the week for her to play O8?
I know Bart mentioned Hollywood Park having a regular game, does it run everyday or only week-end? what limit?

Thank you!



  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
    O8 runs at 40-80 level Monday-Friday at HP. Usually starting at 11am and going into the evening then going short. Thats really the only straight O8 game in all of LA above 8-16. They do have 8-16 games, and Big o 8-16 in other places, as well as 20-40 OE at Hollywood park tha goes on weekends and also early on in the day at HP.

  • imagine7imagine7 Posts: 10Subscriber
    Thank you Bart, I appreciate it!

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