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River plan with top two?

pocketzeroespocketzeroes Posts: 174Subscriber
edited March 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
10/10 game. This hand is straddled, but straddles aren’t forced.

V1 (BTN) is a strong balanced player, who just came from a broken 10/25 game.
V2 (BB) is way way too stationy, both pre and postflop. Sometimes calls down to try to hit 5-outers with a middling/small pair and gives up on river (but also occasionally bluffs into weakness).
V3 (Straddle) is a reg
Hero is probably perceived a little bit on the loose side, but not crazily so.

Preflop UTG straddles to $20. Hero has KcQs and raises to $70 in LJ. V1 calls on BTN. V2 calls from BB. V3 calls from straddle.

Flop ($290): Ks 5d 4h (rainbow)
V2 checks. Straddle checks. Hero bets $210 with top pair. V1 calls. V2 calls. V3 (Straddle) folds.

Turn ($920): Ks 5d 4h Qd (backdoor diamond FD)
V2 checks. Hero bets $560 with top two. V1 calls. V2 calls.

River ($2600): Ks 5d 4h Qd 4d (backdoor flush comes in, and board pairs)
V2 checks. Hero?

Stacks at this point on river are:
hero: $3100
V1: $3200
V2: $1350

Do we want to bet/call, bet/fold, check/call, or check/fold?
I think V2 mostly leads with any hand that beats us. However, I guess there's a chance he could have a hand like 67dd, 68dd, 78dd, etc.


  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited March 2018
    Probably bet/calling $1400. No slam dunk option though iyam.
  • iamalliniamallin Posts: 1,173Subscriber, Professional
    Check fold is probably better. We could be chopping with btn's KQ if we check and he bets. So that makes it really hard to evaluate this spot. I may call a small bet from the btn but if he bombs it I would fold.

    I don't see btn having kjo and kto. He only has suited kings half of which are flushes now or KQ or 67s or slow played 55 44 45s imo

    Even though btn is a good player capable of having bluffs, call call bet when checked to 3 ways is not a liNE I would expect him to overbluff. So we are hoping he has KQ as well.

    I dislike flop sizing. It is way too big imo

    Thanked by 1Clock
  • DrSpaceDrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    edited March 2018
    I think hand was played well. I ✔️ the river mostly and let the button act and evaluate. I think I bet more like ~pot on the turn. We almost always have the best hand and have some prime candidate hands (e.g. 7 ♦️ 8♦️) that are semi-bluffs (we don't have pure bluffs after the flop action and configuration) that benefit from this sizing. I like the flop sizing given that button rarely has AK nor do the others. Given that it is a rainbow board we are almost never getting raised off our equity.

    When we bet circa pot on turn and are called it will often be by draws and that makes the river tricky in this case. But it let's us cooler occasional weaker value hands and the rare AK as we can shove some rivers. We get our value vs draws OTT. Still the river will go ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ a lot. You do have the option of bet folding the river as well as we are never getting bluff raised as it looks like we are not folding. If hands like Kj KT will call its an option, maybe 1100. With the board pairing we should be protected. If you had KK or AK ♦️ ♦️ for example, it would be fine to bet small OTR, its hard to get called. You might bet KQ off a chop too.

    Maybe the question is do you like bet folding vs these guys or can you profitably ✔️ call a jam? It might be correct to ✔️ fold to a jam. It really depends on how you perceive the strong players preflop and subsequent continuing range. He may well have off suit KJ combos as described stepping down in stakes on the button. These considerations matter a lot, if he plays tight preflop then he has a lot of value combinations proportionally. One might also block bet small here if the villain perceives you as a strong player. It would be a fine bet size with our whole range I think. Does V2 have any bluff catchers that can call -- this matters too for when the button folds to our smallish bets. Many people complete light in the bb even in straddle pots expecting the straddle to just call a lot or fold.
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