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Crush Live PLO Video No 52: Deep Stack PLO pt 1 - Transitioning From NL To PLO

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 775Administrator
Free Lunch continues the series on Transitioning From NL To PLO with a focus on the right thought process an adjustments for deep stack play

Episode Posts at 11 AM PST.



  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Regarding your analysis of the last hand, I think the reason why Daniel didn't c/r the flop is because it was a 3bet pot. He prob put the 3bettor on AAxx. Daniel still had 57% equity vs a hand like AA87ss, and I know that this video wasn't about strategy, just analysing spr, but I think it's worth noting that Daniel's error perhaps wasn't in recognizing spr, it was in knowing the equity.
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    I agree. Thanks for the comment.
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