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$2/$5 Was this the right adjustment?

Villain is running over the table. He has 3b me twice, I 4b him once and folded once but other than that we have no significant history. I have been potting and overbetting with value hands but have only gotten called once so no one may actually know this.

$800 effective

Villain opens UTG1 to $25 and folds to me OTB with K Q I call and blinds fold. Heads Up.

Flop (55) 10 6 6 :s:
V bets 35, I call. I'm planning on betting a lot of turns if checked to.

Turn (130) 5
V checks, I bet 90. V call.

River (310) 5
V check, hero?


  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    this is one of those spots where you gotta i think committ on the turn to make a large river double bluff. Probably $250 sounds right on the river. You really can't bluff the turn and give up on the river. I think the only hand I'm not bluffing river is an A. K or Q on river you can bet $125ish for value.
    Thanked by 1mythomaniac
  • CarpeZiemCarpeZiem Posts: 19Subscriber
    Ooh, awkward spot. Trying to think what the villain check-calls the turn with here. If he had hearts he might double-barrel. Some sort of pocket pair below 10's? 8 7, which turned from a gutter to an open-ender could be played this way?
    The villain has a lot of aces in his range and we don't block any of them, but he his junkier hands seemed to be eliminated on the turn with the check-call.

    What does he think you might have? A 6 could make sense and fits into your range. Pocket pairs, hearts, the same gutters. If I were him I would think you are betting pretty wide, with KQ being near the bottom of your perceived range. He could call with his strongest aces some of the time, but likely not too many.

    What can you credibly rep on the river? A flush draw with the 5 like A 5 or 5 4 . Possibly a 6, a 10 could be bet for thin value but the villain may not believe you could do that. JJ once in a while. Bluffing could work. It's close--His turn call makes me think he could call again, unless he has a smaller pocket pair and you would win with a check anyway. So I would check back and hope he got counterfeited.
    Thanked by 1mythomaniac
  • Tmp0085Tmp0085 Posts: 21Subscriber, Professional
    I probably check back this river. Weird 'll e for him to take with a naked A high, you'd think an aggro player would continue for 2 streets with something like AK or AQ. This player probably isn't checking back any heart draws as they're almost all either 2 overs or a straight draw as well. Your Kh blocks these draws as well. Looks more like small to medium pair to me. River is a great card for him as the draws all bricked and now it's less likely you have 55. I'd check back
    Thanked by 1mythomaniac
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 202Subscriber
    Seems like a great spot for a bluff with a small bet. Bet $75 on the river repping a 6. A bet of $75 will look stronger than a bet of $200 since you look as though you want a call. And, just in case V is slow playing a 6....
    Thanked by 1mythomaniac
  • TastesLikeBurningTastesLikeBurning Posts: 429Subscriber, Professional
    river is a check and the flop is marginal imo. all draws brick and we are repping super thin by betting river. I'd expect to get looked up 100% of the time by Tx+
    Thanked by 1mythomaniac
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