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rivered flush on paired board, value bet?

StokedStoked Posts: 96Subscriber
edited February 2018 in Tournament Discussion
$100 10-handed SNG tournament
Level 3 300/600
Effective stack 17k (hero)

UTG (ok LAG) raises to 1800
MP1 (tight passive) calls
Button (loose passive) calls
Hero SB J :s: Q :s: calls
BB folds

Not sure about preflop here? I usually play quite snug from SB and usually 3b or fold but this seemed like a good spot to just call and see what happens with a good multiway hand?...

Flop: (7800) 7 :s: 4 7 :s:

Hero checks
UTG bets 2500
MP1 calls 2500
Button folds
Hero calls

Turn (15300): 8
action checks through

River (15300): 9 :s:


Do we value bet this and if so how much? I thought there was a decent chance UTG had a 7, and MP1 could have an overpair with a spade a lot of the time, or the same FD as me.


  • iamalliniamallin Posts: 1,173Subscriber, Professional
    There can't be two 7 of spades. .i think u meant 4 of spades and 7 of diamonds

    I will value bet here. .with a block bet sizing..

    1/3rd pot looks good to me..

    15k in the pot and u have 13 behind..

    Bet 5k..

    I never expect to get bluff raised here ..so might have to make an annoying fold to a shove. ..we still have 13bb left if we fold..which is playable
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Assuming flop is 7 :s: 7 4 :s:...

    I think preflop is fine. A little too deep to jam, folding seems too nitty, so calling seems fine.

    Needs to be a small sizing for leading that river, as you'll need to fold to a shove (which is 78 a lot). Agree with the previous post - 5K seems right.
  • StokedStoked Posts: 96Subscriber
    edited February 2018
    Whoops yep flop is 7 :s: 7 4 :s: . Can’t edit now though unfortunately.

  • StokedStoked Posts: 96Subscriber
    I ended up value betting here pretty much what you guys suggested 4200. They BOTH called. The lag had a 7 and other player had AsKs.
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    edited February 2018
    You should check the River and consider folding to any bet. I don’t see how you can get away from this hand pre-flop or otf. I think i would do exactly what you did both pre-flop and otf but I would be a bit annoyed at where I was at in the hand. No way I bet the River. Just check and play poker. AsKs may check back afraid of full house.
  • Latrell1515Latrell1515 Posts: 237Subscriber
    Just curious with a Bet and a call on a paired board OOP without having the Nut Flush and the PFR in is this a EV spot after the flop? Just curious for future reference? Is there someone who can run our Equity against 2 players in this spot and what equity we have if we continue?
  • StokedStoked Posts: 96Subscriber
    edited August 2018
    we are 23% against a range of 88+,44,A7s,97s,87s,75s,65s,AsKs,AsQs,KsQs,AsJs,KsJs,AsTs,KsTs,QsTs,As9s,As8s, giving the same range to both players. So if this is anywhere close range-wise we can call flop getting 5.12:1

    If we reduce UTG to just the trips and FH combos, and MP just all reasonable spades our equity drops to 13%. UTG is light or bluffing a lot here on the flop and we can be live against MP though, so i don't think we can fold to one bet getting 5:1 on flop
    Thanked by 1Latrell1515
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