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1-3-6 button straddle. 2 hands in question

PLO. 1-3-6 button straddle 200-1000.

I’ve been in bit of bad stretch , trying to see if poor play , gun shy or just some run bad

2 hands

I open mp AAK9 ,ace hhxx 3 callers. Flop Q h 10s 2h I flop straight & nut flush draw w AA

I have $500. Caller on button has about same

I pot bet , the 1 caller. Older guy , will gamble , not fold often

Turn Kc Check. Check

River 5c. Check Check

I lose to 2 pair. - Q - 9-8-2


Hijack w 10d 9d 8c 5s
I call opener , all the rest fold

This opener is younger , and I believe is good reg at plo , will take advantage to bet in position w marginal hand , but not a plo “ gambler “, basically good player & in this line up will not open too light , most flops are 4-5 handed - this hand is head up I’m older and semi reg in game , viewed as tighter

I start with $275 , opener covers

Flop 8-7-5 rainbow , with 1 diamond

Opener bets pot , I go all in with $250

After good bit tanking (not slow roll long , but long enough to think he was folding ) I get call with. 6-9-J-A ss cc

Run it twice - I brick out both
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