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Congress / Big O help

Where can I get help with this game? Should I just follow O8 advice on this but play tighter? I live in San Antonio & this has just taken over. The 2/5nl doesn’t run & this is THE big game. Granted it’s 2/5 but plays huge. I find it hard to believe the fish that leave 1/2nl to play this are some kind of PLO geniuses. So I need solid advice on where to start.


  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
    Yeah, I talk a lot about some of the differences between Big O and PLO8 in my CLO8 video series. Also we have a pretty goos community of players that like to play O8 and PLO8/big O so you can always post hands here.

    The major difference between Big O and PLO8 is that the nut low is almost always out when a low comes in, so the game is a lot about nut low or nut low draw AND what else do you have.

    But if you are new to O8 watch the first 2 videos in the CLO8 series. Bart
  • themerkthemerk Posts: 15Subscriber
    Thanks Bart, will do.
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