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1/3 KK so naturally A on turn

CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
All three of us are MAWGs, all 3 of us are regs. Hero ($600) typical TAGgy rep. V1 good player, long-term winner though not a crusher. Has just enough moves to be almost balanced. Covers table. V2 way too losse pre, could have any 2 sooted, offsuit connectors. Almost no 3! or bluffs. Passive and sticky for small bets, will fold to pressure. $500.

V1 EP limp, Hero MP1 red KK $15, V2 calls, one other irrelevant call, V1 calls.

Flop ($60) 774 :s: :s: V1 check, I bet 30, V2 insta calls, fold, V1 thinks and calls. (He always takes a minute to think so no timing tell.) V2 could have any draw in the world.

Turn ($150) brings an A, of course. V2 checks, and this is where I have a decision point. Against V2 I think there's still tons of value to be had, he'll let go of gssd but any FD will keep calling, and he's much wider than nfd. V1, he can have 65s and reasonable fd, but that will be much more weighted towards nfd which now pulled ahead. And ofc I'm still behind to a 7, though I expect there's a decent chance if V1 has a 7 or Axss I'll now hear about it. So I'm not worried about getting bluffed, it's more about whether there's enough value in a bet.


  • QuantumSurferQuantumSurfer Posts: 142Subscriber
    Given your reads on V2's range and likelyhood of floating flop w/ A high and draws as weak as gutters, flushdraws make a small part of V's range, much less than all the Ax combos he has that he'd likely float our 1/2 PSB with. I'd likely check this turn and see if I want to go thin OTR.

    Anyways, if V is as wide pre and peels as much as described, this should be a close approximation of what he gets to the turn with:

    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Thanks for the work, bro, pretty cool. But I think you forgot to filter Axs for spades only?

    I haven't played in a month, need to get back into the Equilab work.

    It does seem almost silly to see how wide that range is, though sitting next to him last night, he would show me 73s when folding postflop.
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