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5-card PLO

Seems like this is very popular here (DC area) to the point that 4 card sometimes does not go. For 5 card high only what are starting hand recommendations as compared to 4-card? I understand with more cards you want to play cards that make the nuts, but some suggestions would help me out. Also any other advice? Thanks!
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  • noregretsnoregrets Posts: 5Subscriber
    Seconding this...I'm also in the DC area and 5-card is very popular here, yet all the study materials I have been able to find are for 4-card.

    Are there any key things to be aware of when taking the study material for 4-card and applying to 5-card? Thanks in advance for any help.
  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    I have only played 5-card hi only a few times. In my experience, it was even more loose-passive than 4-card, but that could've just been the line-ups I was in. I have not seen any books written on it. I also don't think it ran (or ran often) during the heyday on online poker, so thus less likely to have content produced.

    Of course, this means that your opponents will also be playing without these aids, too. So if you work harder, you can find edges. I think one of the best ways is to log a bunch of hands from your sessions and review them afterwards with the help of propokertools.com, which has a 5-card Omaha Hi simulator. You can post on here too.

    One adjustment I suspect most opponents fail to make is in hand values compared to hold 'em and 4-card omaha. For example, on a paired board you must be much more cognizant of which full houses are higher. On a flush board, you need to be more aware of straight flush possibilities. Some flopped nut straights have poor equity and/or playability, and have to be folded. For example, 87543 all spades vs 87xxx on Th9h6c only has 31.5% equity.

    Thanked by 1noregrets
  • noregretsnoregrets Posts: 5Subscriber
    Thanks, high_rolla...that is very helpful.

    By my estimation the 5-card games here are pretty soft and attract a lot of gambler types. The games just keep becoming more and more popular by the day here it seems.

    I think there is a lot of potential there so I am focusing on studying PLO to build toward eventually devoting a significant percentage of my playing time to 5-card.

    It sounds like the big takeaway is that your hands have to be even more nutted than in regular PLO and that nut draws and redraws are even more critical.

    Your points regarding higher full houses is also well-taken...I am a newcomer to PLO so take this for what it's worth but the handful of times I have played it (all 5-card) it seemed like a steady stream of full house over full house. The best players were often wary of calling a river raise with even the second nut full house.

    I will definitely start jotting down some hand histories and running them through propokertools also.

    Thanks again.
  • eyehaityoueyehaityou Posts: 294Member
    Is our equity enough in 5 card to still stack off pre at sub 200 bb stacks with decent AA hands vs a loose villain we can iso?
    The variance seems substantial with so much post flop play and the many mistakes made.

    I made this play over the weekend and am questioning it.
    AAJ98ds vs QQTKx for my example
  • noregretsnoregrets Posts: 5Subscriber
    eyehaityou wrote: »
    I made this play over the weekend and am questioning it.
    AAJ98ds vs QQTKx for my example

    You got it in as a huge favorite there. According to propokertools, you're about 65% to win, and even in the worst case where he is doublesuited to the opposite suits as you you are still 60%.

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