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PLO AA76 basic noob questions

PLO 1/2 $5 bring in, uncapped. I'm only sitting in while waiting for a spot in NLHE. I've played in the game before (and micro PLO online), but by no means am I even decent at it. In general my casino is very fast/actiony, and most players buy in for a grand at least. It's must move (3 tables) and Friday night, so not as many regs at the table when I join. I buy in for $400, that's eff vs most of the table.

Very first hand, in BB AA76hhh. 5 calls, I call. Flop ($30) AK3r. SB check, I check, UTG 30, 3 calls, back to me. I'm obv going to raise, do I need to pot it or can I go 125 or so?

Also, is this a raise pre? OOP vs an entire table that will call, I elected on seeing a cheap flop. TYIA


  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    so AA76 is pretty decent, it is a raise pre. I also think that you should be betting flop. You can bet pot on flop cause its limped. or slightly under pot like 25. If you raised pre and hit this flop i'd bet fairly small. 1/3-1/2. This doesn't really matter for you, but you need to kind of have a balanced range for betting and check raising. If you only check raise sets and monster draws, it becomes very easy to play against your check calling range. Betting out lots of hands for value and semi bluffs is better than going for deceptive check raises. Don't think that cause you limped people wont think you have AA. At lower levels people automatically give you the absolute nuts no matter what. Somebody with A3 AK or K3 will pay you 1 or 2 streets if you come out betting, you lose them by check raising. Also when nobody raised pre, its fairly likely this will check around 6 ways, so you just need to bet.

    As played i would raise small. Maybe 80-100. Cause his sets are never folding but his weaker hands will if you pot.
  • alambic49alambic49 Posts: 87Subscriber
    I like the check preflop as it isn't a great AA hand and you don't have position. On the flop I would probably bet but don't mind a check raise times to times. I would definitely pot it.
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Tx guys. I ended up potting it and everyone folded. The bettor said he had bottom set, but that he would've called a $100 bet. (I didn't tell them what I had. They asked 2 pair? and I said bottom set, we got a laugh when V1 called me out on it.)
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 328Subscriber
    Yeah I agree that this is a raise pre, and a lead on the flop b/c of what @z7 already mentioned, plus you see the results. No way a guy with bottom set folds to a lead on the flop, and likely you get a second street on the turn too. Instead you announced your hand as AK+ and he folded.

    Because PLO has so much action, I think new players go for check raises WAY too often b/c they see bad regs do stuff like that all the time. But given how scared everyone is of the nuts at the lower levels, it's spots like this where many folks make the exact play; and instead of considering if they made a mistake themselves, they just bemoan how "no one ever has anything when I have something" and show their AAxx to the table. Then they continue to burn $$$ in that same spot for the rest of their lives b/c once in a while they will get paid, so why every reconsider if they are doing the right thing?

    Asking questions like this and considering these spots is going to elevate you in the player pool very quickly, even if you don't play the game often.
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