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Bluff catch?

V is a pro, though not sure if he plays PLO often. I’m sure he plays higher Stakes no limit.

5/5/10 2k effective all stacks.

H has rock in B.B. 2 folds V makes it 35. Folds to button (weak player) calls. Sb folds H completes with JJ92 J9dd.

Flop (110): Q75 3 diamonds. Checks through.

Turn (110) 9h. H checks V bets 60. Button folds

River (230):5s
H checks V bets 180. H?

We bluff catching here?


  • revisionisthistoryrevisionisthistory Posts: 14Subscriber
    Tough spot, definetly opponent specific situation. If we do not have enough info on villain to make accurate assessment I would use game flow dynamics to help me decide which way to go. You could easily have a set here just as much as villain realistically.
  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    I have seen him value bet a 7 high flush pretty thinly earlier in the session. However the board wasn’t paired
  • revisionisthistoryrevisionisthistory Posts: 14Subscriber
    So what do you know about the villain? Is he a component hand reader? Does he understand hand strengths in Omaha are constantly changing with board texture? Is he trying to run over the table at the first whiff of weakness? Does he hate folding after he bets?

    In absolute terms w/o any additional info, trying to bet a 7 high flush would be awful in my book.

    As described with no other info I think I would lean towards a call. However, if you know this player is capable of bet/folding a flush here on the river..then raising becomes a very viable option as you could get a better flush to fold...and maybe even an underfull.
  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    He’s a solid professional. He understands basic concepts. Probably tight solid in PLO. I just don’t see him much at this table. He’s usually at the top section playing bigger stakes. He might even play the higher plo regularly, I just don’t know. Haven’t seen him get out of line much. Has a low VPIP. When he bet the 7 high flush he was called and was good.
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    What is his view of you and your play? Based on hands you post I can imagine he would not think of you as a trap happy player but could he and are there lots of trappy types in that game. I ask because this seems to be one of the spots where our perceived image matters a lot
  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    FreeLunch is back?

    so V only bothers to look up from his phone when there's a big pot or its his turn. We don't have a lot of play together. He saw me 4-bet earlier in a huge 5 way 4bet pot, I shoved flop and lost twice to straight run outs. My hand wasn't shown. So he probably views me as tight. I don't think V thinks i would ever play the nuts this way and like i said, he bets K high flush almost always. I don't think i would play Q K A high flush or a full house in this manner either. Think i bet Q flush on flop or turn always. I'd also bet a J high flush sometimes on flop.

    So in my mind he has a q high flush, value owning himself with a T high flush, or has a hand like AQT5 that filled up or just air (air could be AA). i wouldn't normally give him a T high flush here but he did value bet that 7 high flush.
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Yep - back from my travels.

    So with that read of how he views you its seems really unlikely turning this in to a bluff would work but I would call most of the time. The fact that he plays higher increases the chances he is just trying to attack perceived weakness etc. You do need to plan to adjust your future hands with him based on what he shows as he will now peg you as passive oop with weak made hands
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