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1/3 KTdd TP + draw.

neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
edited February 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/3 small room reg infested. hero good image 900+ Villain old asian guy , 550, but plays a decent game. think he plays higher too. ABC post, too loose pre passive, std but he reads hands better than average.

Everybody straddlin BTN.

UTG 15, villain calls, Hero CO calls, BTN calls.

FLOP Kx 6 8

x, Villain 25, Hero 75, folds villain calls.


Villain shoves into me, hero folds

Asking mainly about flop. didnt 3! because of UTG open. Felt Villain had AK type hand tht wanted t fade flush before going ith it or he had a combo draw that fills up, unlikely.

I raised flop because i felt I wont get full vlue if I hit here if I dont raise flop. plus if we get more callers, turn could get out of control.


sidenote- i 3! at a decent clip and was this session, felt if I 3! here i would get called and dint feel like KTdd would do post vs 1-2 villains here. Play enough together, could easily be a strong hand. but If I should 3! still than ill consider it.


  • Rysher8Rysher8 Posts: 234Subscriber
    I think you played this totally fine man. The range of his shove on turn murders us, so he forced us to play correctly.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    k thanks, friend.
  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    I think calling flop or raising it are both defendable. I usually opt for treating this more like a SDV-hand instead of a monster-draw -- but you can consider it either way depending on your overall strategy/adjustments/exploits, etc. Sucks you ran into a black swan moment where villain aggressively shut-out your turn equity.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    yea thanks for the response. i wasnt sure what I should do on flop here. I thin raising has been my auto line but was just wondering if I should be flatting since his lead should be somewhat weak.
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