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JJ facing a weird turn raise


So i played a 1/3 game in the Kings casino Rozvadov. An hour at the table the following hand happend

Villian is UTG he was a tight guy i saw him maybe playing 2 or 3 hands in this hour maybe one of them was a raise.

Stack size Villian had 205 Euro i covered him

So he raised UTG to 10 two guys folded i´m in MP with :Jd :Jh so as i wrote earlier i thought he was very tight so i only called here
All the other players folds.

Flop: :9c :8d :7h

he checked, i bet half pot 12 bucks, he called

Turn: :4c

he checked again, i bet again 28 into 48, now he raised me to 75

so i was very suprised about that play

What do you think with whitch hands he makes that play?


  • QuantumSurferQuantumSurfer Posts: 142Subscriber
    Considering you only have 68BB to play with, I'd 3b large PF to make stacking easy. I get that he has a tight image, but he could be just carddead. If it was his first open raise after not doing it for 3 hours, than maybe I'd think about calling to setmine.

    As played, this is likely Beluga where we're behind & I'd fold. (Sets make the most sense) There's not enough left in his stack for when our gutter comes in.
  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    If I only call flop because I think he’s tight I’m likely to check back flop. We are betting his hand for him if he has it and open ourselves for a CR bluff if he missed but has balls. TT is the one and only worse hand that calls and he’s never folding better so why are we betting?
  • Blade76Blade76 Posts: 18Subscriber
    So his opening range is tight but when he checked the Flop i bet because i have a range advantage and why should i not bet? He can easily have AK or AQ here. He has not only pocket pairs here, i can have all the sets and JT here.
  • Sean777Sean777 Posts: 356Subscriber
    I think calling is fine. I wouldn't fold and I have no idea his range, it's too hard to say given this information. He could have overcards that turned clubs, or he could just be playing an overpair in a really weird backwards way or he could have flopped a big hand and again playing it in a weird way.

    This is a weird line but it's rarely a bluff in a headsup pot, it just looks like someone trying to get tricky with a big hand to me, honestly. I'm perfectly okay calling with position and seeing the river and what he does.
    Thanked by 1Blade76
  • AcidhaussAcidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    I would just call vs the smallish raise IP to outplay him on certain runouts.

    I think its important to distinguish why I'd call, I wouldnt call because of your absolute hand strength but because of his sizing and the runouts that can turn his hand into a bluff catcher. I would fold with shallower stacks and/or a larger raise. In general people dont bluff enough into uncapped ranges; I dont think hes necessarily that polarised either on this flop thats very good for your range
    Thanked by 1Blade76
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