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Opinions on my knockout hands?

I finally cashed in a bigger poker tournament (MSPT) however I just above min cashed and would like people’s opinion on the 2 hands that got me knocked out.

Stack : $130,000 – Blinds 2500, 5000 Ante 1000.

EP raises to 15000, I call w 55, BB calls. Pot is 62,500. Flop is 7 4 2 rainbow. It gets checked to me and I bet 30,000. Old guy in BB tanks and goes all in (Has me covered). I fold. Guy who was intial raiser tanked and folded and claimed he had 10 10. Huh? Did I make a good fold? Why did he not bet? Should I have bet the flop? Seems like I should’ve. Weird hand to me.

Hand that knocked me out:

Stack : $55,000 – Blinds 2500, 5000 Ante 1000.

Folded to button who limps, I’m in SB with 10s6h. I complete. BB checks. Pot is 25,000. I have $50,000 now. Flop is 7c 4c 2h. I bet $30,000. BB tank calls. Button folds. Turn is 8c. Chk Chk. River is 9h giving me the straight. I check and villain goes all in. I call and he showed Kc3c for the flush. I feel I should’ve completed in SB. Main thing is I wish I had just gone all in on the flop. I asked the villina if I went all in on the flop if he would’ve folded and he said he didn’t know. I want him out only because it’s a tournament and I’m 3 tables from serious money vs a min cash. Thoughts?


  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited February 2018
    I'd be folding both of these preflop @ these stacks tbh. H#2 complete is defendable on a pot odds level, but questionable otherwise.
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    I would fold both hands preflop, in the first you only have 26 BB to start and 55 is hard to play post flop without a set or straight draw. Fold those 55s and wait for a better spot. An example of a better spot would be you have 55 in the CO and its folded to you. The TT claim is bs. The post flop bet in hand number two seems to be a easy to avoid mistake. I also don’t complete in the sb as that hand does not play well post flop. The runner runner straight against a flush is a cooler you can’t avoid.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    As others have said, both of these are folds preflop. Stacks too short for implied odds in hand 1, and T6o is too trashy not closing the action in hand 2.

    As played, I don't hate the bet when checked to in hand 1, but the sizing is too big. You can bet 12K and accomplish the same thing.

    Hand 2, I have no idea why you're ever putting a chip in the pot with these stack sizes. Once you get to the river, cooler, but you really shouldn't have ever been there.
  • Jack7777Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    I would probably call with the 55, but you have to plan to lay it down if you don't hit. I have played too many times and passed up hands like 55. They ended up being the best I would get. You can't complete with T6os just because you are the SB.

    Note**If you won the 55 hand, you would never post about it. I'll probably get run off the site for saying this, but you got to take some risks and get some run good to win these tournaments.
  • MonstergoyMonstergoy Posts: 4Subscriber
    Terrible advice from the guy above me.
    As stated fold 55 pre.
    On the second hand fold as well, but since you didn't, you should have Jammed the turn, when you picked up equity not checked it
  • whoisjoebwhoisjoeb Posts: 61Subscriber
    Whats the EP's stack size? Are we 130K effective?

    Small Pocket pairs are over rated. I'm probably folding pre in our position, just depends on the player and the table dynamics. As played, I am checking that flop.

    Hand 2: Just fold this junk pre

  • JwhooverJwhoover Posts: 20Subscriber
    fold 5’s pre or jam them if you are wanting to play them and don’t have an edge, but just fold them. Best peice of advice for you would be don’t think about results or ask players what they would have done if you do x. Shows inexperience and lets them know you aren’t confident in your ability. Pus 0% of the time you will get truth.
  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    Its been awhile since i read this post but I think I had top pr and backed into a straight on the 2nd hand - like 10 7 - why im saying I shouldve gone all in on the flop. Jwhoover - thats terrible advice - like i care about if he thinks im experienced. I care about getting info. Asking questions doesnt show inexperience. I'm always probing for advice - and you'd be surprised how much I get info. People say dont complete here but with 3 people and antis I think its a complete. Calling w 55 in the cutoff. Thats a tough one. And I like the bet when the pf raiser checks to me - Im likely good. A smaller sizing I agree with but not 12k, but maybe 20k. I'm not a fan of insanely tiny bets as it can induce bluffs and I dont know where Im at here more often.
  • rabidslackerrabidslacker Posts: 6Subscriber
    you stated you were hoping to get to more serious money... with that thought and 26bb then both hands are a fold... you are not short stacked but dont have a big stack either... so you have time to wait for better spots... your already itm with ok chip stack, time to change gears and tighten up a bit more... for me knowing what i should do and doing it are two different things...LOL...
  • JwhooverJwhoover Posts: 20Subscriber
    edited November 2018
    I am sorry I thought this was your first cash by the tone of the post and were asking for advice. Sounds like you have it figured out how to play out of the small blind, good luck!
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