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Weird line from V

Little history with V. He showed up two months ago. Used to be like me when I first started. Crazy bluffs playing every hand wild swings. Has tightened up a lot in the last month.

5/5/10 rock. 1500 effective
V on MP raises to 50. Folds to hero is the rock on button with Ad7h5d2h. Completes for 40 more. (Kh was exposed which I think is good for my hand slightly. And fun player in Sb who already limped for 10.)

SB calls

Flop 3 ways (160): 9s5c2c 2 checks hero bets 125 Sb fold V calls.

Turn (410) As 2 flush draws, completed a wheel and gives me 3-pair.
V leads for 350. H calls (V is wide and is capable of bluffing. But I am worried about AA)

River (1110): 2s for a final board of 9s5c2cAs2s

V bets 600. H?



  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    You have the nut 2xxx full house possible, so obviously only worried about AAxx, 99xx, or 55xx. 55xx seems extremely unlikely since he wouldn’t open many preflop except maybe doublepairs and I also think he often leads the flop. He has more 99xx in his range and I suppose could play the flop as a x/c for deception. But it seems like he sometimes leads or x/r’s the flop so we need to discount some. I also think we need to discount AAxx some for the same reasons in addition to your blocker. So there is a small range that beats you.

    However what else might he play this way? I think he can often take this line with the same hand A2xx where the side cards make a SD and/or FD. He might also play A9xx this way- he makes best aces up on the turn and bets for thin value OTR since he doesn’t expect the 2 to often hit you. He can also have a few random bluffs.

    Getting nearly 3:1 on a call, I’m looking him up here.
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