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Bluff catch?

V haven’t played with. Been playing all day but he is kinda tight. Was a lot looser when his buddy was at the table but tightened up since.

H is in the CO with QJT9 double suited. Raise to 40. Button call SB 3-bets to 175. I call button calls.

Flop (550) QT5 3 spades. V bets 250. H ( no spades) calls button folds.

Turn 1050: Ad
V check quickly. H checks

River Kd v quickly bets 800. H?

Final board QT5AK


  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    If you call, I would not be surprised to be shown AA:ss or a flopped King high flush. I feel like both hands often take this line. The AA:ss bets the flop small for value since it can be seen as a cbet and then once it makes a set OTT, can slowplay since it fears no draws. Depending on how deep you are, a K high flush may check the turn for pot control or figure it can only get two streets from a lower flush.

    The obvious bluff hand here is aces with the dry As. But, it just seems to me like he would play that hand stronger on the flop and/or turn. I guess we could have air here ("air" might actually be a set or two pair in this case) and bluff, but you said he is kinda tight.

    I give him credit and fold here barring some live read.
  • alambic49alambic49 Posts: 87Subscriber
    I would probably fold the flop... And definitely fold river.
    Thanked by 1Erojas47
  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    If you are folding this hand on flop, what hands are you calling in the flop?
  • alambic49alambic49 Posts: 87Subscriber
    z7 wrote: »
    If you are folding this hand on flop, what hands are you calling in the flop?
    Disclaimer : I am new to plo!
    Very interesting question actually.
    Since the board is all spades and you don't have any... And you are getting led into... Why would we call with less than spades?
    There are only 4 outs that makes you happy and give you the boat.
    Any straight you make you will check because you are not sure to be good...

    Is folding this flop way too weak?

    I may call a small bet with a flopped set as we have more outs to do a boat. Maybe...

    Really interested to have you and others answer that question!

  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    Well my point is, I’d rather have this hand than a 9-Q high flush. Here, because relatively it’s the same strength and this hand can improve if V does have it. And if he’s bluffing he’s crushed with either hand. But a 9-Q high flush can’t improve
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