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3-Bet Factors

I do not have a specific hand here...just a question about 3-betting.

I play $1/3 and $3/5 weekly, and over the past 6 months I have been working on opening up my 3 bet range to hands besides AA, KK and AKs. While I am getting more comfortable 3-betting hands like TT+ and AQs (based on position and the range of the initial raiser), I am struggling to incorporate 3-bet bluffs into my own range. I'm either calling or folding because I am struggling to recognize good opportunities.

So my question to the forum: If you are successfully utilizing 3-bet bluffing pre-flop (either picking up the pot pre-flop or with aggression post-flop), what factors or variables are you looking for that seem like good 3-bet bluffing opportunities?


  • DrSpaceDrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    edited January 2018
    Looking for people that are willing to fold. That is the major factor. The particular combo is less important. Picking up a live read of weakness or someone being afraid to play big pots are two common low stake spots.

    3! TT for value is the same kind of thing. You need to identify someone with a range where you are a favorite vs their continuing range or that way over-fold on flops. Its all about playing vs people's tendencies and ranges. We construct strategies that counter our opponents at low and mid-stake live poker. We exploit.

    When I played mostly 2/5 there were a couple of very tight very bad regs where I only 3! AA -- just AA say vs EARLY POSITION open. They don't catch on, we get them every time. Easy game.
  • maphacksmaphacks Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    the first thing I do, is to look at the effective stacks in play. the deeper, the more I want to 3bet in position with certain hands. I want to have 3 streets to use my positional advantage when 3betting light. most small games are capped, as a consequence 3b bluffing spots are rare I would imagine. people also openraise tighter and fold less to 3bets. however, if they fold postflop a lot we can still 3bet bluff a lot.

    the most other obvious factor for 3betting light is if people open too much and/or fold too much either preflop or postflop. against tight ranges, blockers are more important, against loose ranges, blockers have less weight and playability (especially when deep) gets more important.

    with shallow stacks, I would tone down my 3bet bluffing frequency and use highcard hands more often since toppair gets more valueable in draws go down in value.
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