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This can't be a good sign...

I played a very short session tonight...drove 50 min to the casino...played for exactly one quarter of football...drove back home.


Here are the two hands:

First hand I get dealt once I sat down so effective stack is $300. I limp 66 UTG, several limpers behind, SB makes it $18, 4 callers. Flop is J36 with two spades. SB bets $30, I raise to $100, everybody folds to SB who tank calls. SB dark checks, I shove for $180, SB looks at the turn which is a Q then calls and tables QQ.

Second hand was a few orbits later, I get dealt 66 UTG 7 handed, I think about raising but it is a very sticky table and the button is short stacked and tilted so I don't want to get three bet and be forced to call. Button does raise to $25 which is an easy fold for me but then the SB and BB end up calling and I close the action getting a little over 3-1. I have $280 and both blinds have me covered. I call so there is $100 in the pot and the flop is 36Q with two clubs. Both blinds check and I check expecting the Button to shove his remaining chips in (about $55). He goes ahead and checks too, turn is the T of diamonds. BB now bets $20 and I raise to $60 trying to get stacks in. Button folds and surprisingly the SB (who has a mountain of chips) goes all in. BB folds and I call. SB tables TT.

It was a tough ride back home. I don't think there's anything I did wrong in the first hand but I definitely botched the second hand by not betting the flop. I think the SB calls a flop bet and I go broke anyway but the fact that he would call the flop bet is even more reason for me to bet the flop. I'm assuming it is ok to limp 66 UTG in a loose passive 1-3 game right? I usually don't get into the habit of open limping but these games have been so loose and passive, I thought this was an ok play from early position. The more I thought about it, the more I come up with ways that I misplayed the second hand. I might have been able to find a fold on the turn because his raise looks so strong but it's very difficult to find a fold on that board.

What do you guys think? Pretty ominous sign with these hands, ekkkk.


  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    these are coolers and sucks you got them in this session.

    Hand 1, line pot flop is fine but preflop is iffy man. I dont think the hand is bad being opened for a limp here or a raise but SB calling is going to be one of those spot that could be a leak.

    Hand 2, Im folding for sure preflop. Are are getting 3-1 on immediate odds but hit a set on flop is 7.5-1. You have to thnk thsi guy doesnt have pairs here+ we got a good grasp on him post and other villains for us to profitbale play small pairs OOP. More than likely if this guy has AK than we calling a bet or two to win the hand.

    As hard as it sounds, those 2 hands are coolers and just part of the game.
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