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Surreal Advantage Podcast No. 89: Surreal Advantage NFL Week 16

Only 2 weeks left in the NFL regular season, and Daliman tells you how he's trying to squeeze the last bit of value of of them.

Episode Post At 2 PM PST.

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  • ActionTwinActionTwin Posts: 147Subscriber, Professional
    Sad to see you go, Dali. I've listened to all your podcasts and have thoroughly enjoyed them and learned quite a bit. Hopefully you can still come back from time to time to cover special events that come up.
    Thanked by 1Daliman
  • Lame_NameLame_Name Posts: 22Subscriber
    Thanks for all the information Dali. Really would like to have you back for those special events. Superbowl, superfight, etc...

    Good luck at the betting windows.
    Thanked by 1Daliman
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