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Hard to find poker lovers

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
edited December 2017 in Low Content Forum
I have a handful of poker friends. I come up with new plays, new ideas, new concepts. I have a great winrate online. Shit I even play super LAG @ $25NL FR for fun and I'm profitable just to test things. I have a good winrate live despite my negative variance this year.

But most of my poker friends don't share my enthusiasm. About 1/2 poo, poo my new plays when they have valid consideration, I test them, and I prove them. Every year I get better than the last by a fair margin which surprises me.

Some of the visiting pros I speak to about concepts they simply can't get out of their static box of thinking.

Like last night I sat with this very nice guy from out of town who had been playing for 10 years. He bet right, he played right, he had the right amount of aggression but he seemed static. He made this beautiful turn semi-bluff raise right out of the text book and followed up with a big river bluff when a scare card hit. The problem with play is that while well orchestrated it was poorly timed considering a lot of factors. I spoke to him about it and what I saw that he failed to perceive about his hand and I got poo pooed. When he raised the turn I knew what he was doing considering all the combos and plays possible for his raise. If I had TP I would have frankly shoved on the guy considering the pot size and his range. Afterwords I spoke to him about the hand and my thoughts were dismissed. We were away from the table. Guy is out of town, never seeing him again so I don't mind talking shop with him. We werent getting in each other's way.

of all the serious players I know only 3 have serious discussions with me and return ideas. But many of the rest just follow case and point data and don't critically think expanding their minds.

There are some concepts I discovered on my own no book or pro has ever taught me. There is even a bad idea that paved a path for a different good idea. Yet I rarely get cooperation?

I don't know if I am better than I think I am, I am a crazy poker scientist, or people are just not as good as I think they are.

I feel like I'm Michael Faraday and I need to find an Isaac Newton to prove my experiments.


  • Jack7777Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    people are just not as good as I think they are.

    I think the concepts here are past what most players are going to talk about. It's not really GTO, but more understanding how to play the game. They could be afraid of you or embarrassed to talk strategy.
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  • Jack7777Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    Fuzzypup wrote: »
    I have a handful of poker friends. I come up with new plays, new ideas, new concepts. I have a great winrate online. Shit I even play super LAG @ $25NL FR for fun and I'm profitable just to test things. I have a good winrate live despite my negative variance this year.
    Have you been studying to the Fast Track series? What do you think about the opening ranges online? Do you play 100NL-200NL or higher? I think you have to really adjust to play a lot tighter when calling opens. Have you tested loose calls to opens at 25NL. Those games can be pretty tight during weekdays.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    I just play LAG @ $25 NL to fuck around. My stats are something like 36/24. I test out some plays and practice balancing. $25 is nada to me so I can play with complete confidence.

    Most material I read offers very little to what I already know. A lot of what I gain is from doing my own work. I find things the books don't tell you. I signed up for a couple sites but never find anything I don't already know.

    Opening ranges for online depend on the site, the table, and the players. Opening ranges are guidelines for less experienced players. The more a table is aggressive the tighter you need to play up front. The more passive the table the looser you can play up front. Raising or limping depends on how stick the players are. So If I had to sum up opening ranges that is what I would say.

    For example
    raising or limping JTs in EP vs a tough agro table is just asking for trouble

    limping JTs in a passive sticky game is fine. Why? Because you will get paid if you raise or limp. So why put in the extra money.

    raising JTs in a passive foldy game is fine. Why? Because you will get folds and if you get calls you should have lots of equity to stack the callers or be able to get away from the hand easy.

    Calling loose vs a raise you need a plan based on how the raiser plays. If the guy CBs once and is done your hand almost doesn't matter. If the raiser is balanced and aggressive then you want to mix 3b'ing and calling. Lot's of factors.

    One thing is that the online players have zero clue how to use their HUDs. I don't play on any HUD site. I play on Ignition which is anonymous. If you play on a site that allows HUDs the worse player gains a lot with the state. But most are too dumb to realize their complete value. They look at very basic information. I brought the attention of the details of these HUDs and got laughed at like I was crazy. But HUDs can give you a pretty perfect picture on a less than optimal opponent. If you know what #s mean you can beat them.

    BTW Ignition is looser and plays more like live play. Not these mega nit online sites like PS or ACR.
  • beauregardbeauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    edited December 2017
    @fuzzypup - are you still playing Live?
    I think you're in the So. Fla area - right?

    sounds to me like you're on an independent learning path... you're not seeking confirmation - but instead thoughts that can build on your ideas/discoveries/hunches.

    unfortunately most innovators don't want to share their thoughts on public forum like they used to do on 2+2.
    your best bet is to seek other like-minded players and take the discussions offline, imo.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    I know where u are coming from. ive tried over and over again to have real life poker friends but all turn into some kind of team angle or just them not caring. But my issue is also what Jack touched on. Its hard to know if im right or wrong , good or bad, so forums with some anonymity is perfect.

    last guy made fun of me so i just stopped trying to talk to anyone about poker at all.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    @beau..... I am on an independent learning path. So your analysis is correct. And yes I am looking for offline players to discuss new ideas. What players forget is that you can come up with a new idea and be completely wrong about it but it allows you to look at the error as see how it can apply in another situation. That has actually happened with one of my partners. He came up with an idea, we analyzed it, considered it flawed but it lead me to another idea that is actually correct. My PM is open to anyone who has thoughts. And yes I am in S.FL. The only reason I post here is because it is the best forum I have found. I don't post on 2+2. A friend has a thread there that he gets trolled on. Guy is an excellent feel player. I looked at his game and figured out why it works and implemented parts in my game. I tried to help him also. He things I'm some fucking math genius which is far from the truth. I do a lot of combinatoric work,

    @never... The best way you learn is from losing. If you win all the time you aren't learning. Mistakes are part of the learning process. I don't make fun of anyone. Sometimes someone tells me a play which is wrong but even I learn something about it. How they or their opponent thought, why his bet size failed, what the opponent's shove meant, etc. I love when people send me HHs.
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