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rake consideration?

Ive been playing 1/3 nl 100 min 300 max buy in and i have a stop loss of 600 per session which i buy in for the max in the 1/3 game. My question is if the the rake is the same at the 2/5 nl 200 min. 500 max would it make sense to buy in to the 2/5 game for 300 for 2 bullets? the drop is 5 and 1 for the jackpot.


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Rake matters, but it should be pretty far own the list when you determine which game you should sit in. Since none of us here know anything about your skill level with either a 100BB stack vs smaller, or the skill of the V's in your games, it's doubtful you'll get much in the way of specific for you advice.

    FWIW I play in a 7+1 game, people in Australia are raked up to 15 I think, and home games in NYC are outrageously raked. Any rake is beatable if the other circumstances are well in your favor.
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