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Better winning reg not protecting his cards.. do you try to iso?

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
I played in the 2-5 100-300 game at a local casino and after a few hours a better player sat down on my right and I am familiar with him. He is much much better than your normal player in the game. He understands hand reading and can thin value bet. he is also a bit of a LAG in late position.

I noticed after a while many times he would not cover his cards with his left hand as he look at them with his right. So I just waited and looked along with him. I see absolutely no reason to tell a player I can see their cards this is their responsibility and if they decided to give me the option I will take it. So I noticed hands like A5 os he would raise in lp and even once he slowplayed KK versus two short stacks.

I wondered that If I know what someone has you can play perfect against them. Would you just three bet their mediocre hands 100% of the time? Would this get so obvious that they might figure out you can see their whole cards? Or would it be better to get into a situation where you have a great implied hand against them and go for their whole stack?

I decided that if he did this last night he is probably doing this all the time and I would now have a strategy to try and stack him with an implied odds hand against a big hand of his. Rather than take the risk of winning a bunch of small pots and him wondering how it is I know exactly what he had. Too bad I was card dead and the one hand I did have against him he turned a draw and rivered top pair so I had to abandon. He never knew because I just mucked my hand.




  • drew5harkdrew5hark Posts: 580Subscriber
    I've seen this discussed a bunch in various posts over the years. I've seen people say that you should tell your opponent that you can see his cards and I've seen others say that all is fair. My honest opinion is that he needs to protect his hand and as long as you aren't "trying" to sneak a peak from your normal seat and position that you have every right to have that information. In the past when I've been in this situation I've made numerous mistakes trying to ISO the player and then getting lost as I knew what he had but generally developed a poor table image by always being in the pot with this player and seemingly "playing" at him which in turn made him more aggressive and made it harder for me to figure out what he would give me credit for. The best way for this to work is with a nice winning image and not too loose IMO and then playing a big pot when he can't figure to stand much heat, or if you flop a bigger hand. It seems like other players would pick up that you were always in the hand with this guy if you were obvious and then they would open up their re-raising range and then you can get lost. If you get too fixated with this guy then it is easy to forget about the rest of the table.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    Another situation happend a few years back when a player on my left was stacking some chips and didnt finish before he looked at 99.. he raised and a few callers and it was back on me and I am looking at JT suited.. so I call hoping to flop a j or a t.. well the flop came..

    9 KQ....I flop the nut straight

    Now I know his hand perfectly so what would you do? I think actually give you know he can make a full house I think it would be proper to just call each of his bets until the river is a safe non pairing board and I think he would be rather confused and might even pay you off. Or the other avenue would be to get it all in knowing what he has and hoping the board doesnt pair. I guess either of these options are based on a number of variables effective stack size being num 1. If I or he are not deep enough to just call down then you might as well get it in..

    on that hand I got it all in on the turn and he hit a boat on the river.. Thats when I thought about calling until the board was safe. We were deep enough and I thought that the downside of a scare card for him wasnt enough since so many players cant fold a set..

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