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Tough River decisions?

Jesse_The_SuitJesse_The_Suit Posts: 493Subscriber, Professional
edited November 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I wanted to share two closely related hands, both having to do with river decisions in big pots. Both hands were played at 1-3, about 500 effective, against what I thought were mildly competent recish players.

Hand 1. I am in the SB with AJ off, with the A of diamonds. It limps like 5 ways to me, and I raise to 20. 4 people call.

Flop comes out ragged, 9, 5, 4 all diamonds.

I 35. One guy in the flied calls, everyone else folds. Turn is a blank, like a black deuce. I bet 80. He raises to 200. I call, given the pot size and my nut draw. River bricks, I check, and he jams.

Whats your play?

Hand 2, also out of the blind. I raise over like 4 or 5 limpers to 20 with AA. Get four callers. Floop comes out 6, 5, 2. Rainbow. I bet 35, one caller in the field. Turn is a king, doesn't put a back door flush draw out there. I bet 50. Dude calls again. River is a 9. So I go for pretty thin value here and 65. I am targeting some kind of pocket pair, or pair plus draw that doesn't believe me. Villain raises to 200.

Whats your play?


  • pocketzeroespocketzeroes Posts: 174Subscriber
    edited November 2017
    Not sure what you had for H2, so not going to comment on that, but for H1... First of all, you probably want to raise more from the blinds - like at least 25 (or just check your option). You’re really hoping to take it down right now. Once you get to the flop, you have ace high on a monotone flop. Yes you have the nut blocker/draw, but you still have ace high, and the flop is monotone meaning somebody is likely to already have a flush. Anyway, I probably check and see what develops. Your flush draw doesn’t carry much in terms of implied odds, so if there’s a lot of action, you may just want to let go of it. If you think it looks like a really good spot to do so, you can consider an x/r and play your hand very aggressively. As played, calling turn raise is pretty thin - I expect that to be a flush a lot of the time, and when it is, you only have 7 outs to draw and not necessarily any implied odds. River is obvious fold.

    Bottom line, the nut blocker on a monotone flop is really not as valuable a hand as it looks, especially OOP in a 5way pot.
  • fozbofozbo Posts: 144Subscriber
    I like the way hand 1 was played, just folding river, if the whole table is super call happy I do agree with 25 pre.
    Hand 2 depends on your holdings and villan but I'm not happy calling down light on a super dry ass board if villan has very low bluffing frequency. It's 1/3 and he check raised river after you barrelled 3 streets. I'm folding.
  • Jesse_The_SuitJesse_The_Suit Posts: 493Subscriber, Professional
    Sorry about the error in the initial post. I had AA in the second hand.
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