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1/3 -- 3! Pot TP vs 2X Shove

Villain is new to me, young Asian guy w/ a reg-like table-stance, sitting on a big stack, & after about 45-60 minutes of play has been fairly active preflop (opened $15 over 2 EP limps in EP3 w/ QJo, etc.), but no real read on postflop freq/patterns. Regardless I figured he'd at least have a semi aggressive game post & be prone to hero folding generally pre/post, thus my 3! pre & my flop check -- perhaps an ambitious read. /shrug. Once he overshoves, it sucks, but SPR @ 2 still dictates a call here, no? On the other hand this board is super dry, the bet is polarizing, & not sure what we beat here. Stacks are 110BBe. Thanks for feedback.

Hero (SB $330): Qh Tc

Fold x 3, MP1 calls $3, fold x 3, V (BTN) raises $15, Hero 3! to $65, fold x 2, V calls

Flop ($136): Th 7s 4d

Hero x, V bets all-in $265, Hero ???


  • CrushLiveDegensCrushLiveDegens Posts: 63Subscriber, Professional
    I call pretty quickly. If he does this with JJ then good for him. I think you'll see air trying to push you off AQ/AK quite often.
  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited November 2017
    I call pretty quickly. If he does this with JJ then good for him. I think you'll see air trying to push you off AQ/AK quite often.

    Well, I think we have to give him JJ-QQ, sets, and open enders like 98s or 65s, and sometime JTs/T9s. I don't think our equity is too hot here, and I don't see people spazzing with AK/AQ enough of the time to include many combos of it, but I'm with you in that my plan was to xc, but this was unusual sizing.
  • MrBucketMrBucket Posts: 37Subscriber, Professional
    I’m with crushlivedegens on snap calling. I think you are more likely to run into KT or AT then jj/qq, but I think villains sizing is doesn’t indicate he is at the top of his range.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    edited November 2017
    He has an over pair here usually. Or a set. This is never a bluff from first look.

    We should bet fold IMO if we are not sure and we can c/f with some but that's probably too tight. Bet fold.

    We have a checking range here on dry flops on 3! Pots. Villain should know we don't bet AA a lot and we check back more than AK.

  • TastesLikeBurningTastesLikeBurning Posts: 429Subscriber, Professional
    Pre is a big leak IMO. I fold. We have a weak hand in SB with players yet to act in a bloated pot make QTo a snap muck. I get he is opening wide, but we don't know if he has a fold button. If we were much deeper (min 200bb+), I can get behind 3! QT suited at some frequency.

    AP, call, not loving it but folding on a fairly wet board with TP isn't an option. We induced the spazz, now call it off.
    Thanked by 1Letmewin1
  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    Thanks for feedback :tu:
    Hero calls. Villain has KK.
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