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Strong single paired hands facing a raise

SonnySonny Posts: 390Subscriber
edited October 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
A situation has been coming up from time to time in my lows stakes games (1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 2/5 $500 max) that I don't know how to react to. It usually involves single paired hands out of position facing aggression though sometimes I am in position.
An example from a 1/3 session...

Hero raises from MP2 over 2 limps to $20 with AsQc $300 eff
Button calls $300 eff
BB calls $250 eff
Total pot $70

Qh 9s 6h

Hero c-bets $40 for value
Button now raises to $120
BB folds
Back to me?

The large majority of the time in these low limit games, any type of aggression can can usually beat a strong one pair hand. Bet, fold... So, since anytype of bluffing is very hard to get through in these games I usually find myself folding in these spots. Its usually a correct fold. This type of play is massive exploitable, but players at this level don't pick up on it. On top of that I play in Vegas and rarely play with any players I've ever seen before in my life. So its very hard to label a player in any way other than very basic observations that may or may not be true.
I feel however that large pots can be won due to players overplaying their hand. In the example its unlikely, but my opponent could be raising with KQ, overvaluing their hand, or putting me on AK, as lots of players like to do and raising with 10's or something.
So how do we combat this? Or more accurately when should I be looking them up? I know live reads come into play, and watching showdowns is very important so I know how my opponents are playing. But again, aggression at this level facing a bet is 2 pair plus, A LOT, of the time. Players at this level usually just call with even strong one pair hands. They usually just call with flush draws. Any tips to help understand when a raise from an otherwise tight player pool is a value hand, and when it is a spazz overbet or a bluff (I do realize stack sizes influence these decions greatly). I've been looking for answers but have come up pretty empty handed.


  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    From my experience, a raise here is either a draw or a hand that has you beat. You're not going to see a lot KQ here.

    I know you mentioned it's hard to get a read on the V's because there so many new faces, but I would try to group them as player types. If this is an OMC, I would just insta muck. If the player seems looser and more ready to gamble (maybe having a few drinks) i call and re-evaluate on the turn.

    In the games I play, there are few players who call very wide pre (I mean like 85o)then they go ape shit if they hit 2pair or better. I would call vs these Villains with implied odds, as they will stack off every time if we spike a Q or A on the the turn.
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