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CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 782Administrator
edited October 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
In this video pete review's some hands his friend's played at 25NL.

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  • StarwarsJediMasterStarwarsJediMaster Posts: 741Subscriber
    hand #2 with 99 , I think your right we dont have many Tx ( (T9s,-ATs 10 combos total) but dont you think villian has the same amount of Tx plus we have overpairs , so wouldnt you say we have a range advantage on the flop. Dont you think we should bet 99 for protection vs villians broadways ? I think we should bet QQ ,KK, few combos Tx and 88,99 for protection... checkcall few Tx ,AA(not vulnerable) ,and JJ .... think we should c/r 55, few Tx .....and balance out all ranges with bluffs.
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  • StarwarsJediMasterStarwarsJediMaster Posts: 741Subscriber
    i appreciate the video bro
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  • DiegoPokerDiegoPoker Posts: 21Subscriber
    6th hand: A♦️K♦️ on A♠️2♠️Q♥️, 7♠️... I want to know your opinion on whether hero should continue betting on the turn oop. Also would you advice differently if hero had A♦️K♠️?
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