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1/3 Turning Straight into a Bluff

Hero is in CO. Main Villian is in LJ with effective stack of 320.

I had been playing at the table for about two hours, playing like TAG. Villan had sat down one orbit ago and played no hands.

2 limps to hero with AcQs, raises to 20. Two limpers call.

Pot: 65

Kc Jh 10c

Checked to Hero, Hero bets 50

First limper folds, Villian calls.

Pot: 165

Turn is 6c

Checked to Hero, Hero bets 90. Villian calls.

Pot: 345

River is 7d. Board is Kc Jh 10c 6c 7d.

Villian bets 50 with 110 behind. Hero jams all in. Thoughts?

Thought process: Preflop we need to raise this up with two limpers ahead with this strong a hand. Flop the nuts, continuing almost always here. The turn is probably where we could have made a better decision. Looking back, a check seems reasonable. In this particular case, had I checked here I probably would not be turning the hand into a bluff anyway. When he bets out on the river and considering that the Ac Kc and 10c are all accounted for that limits the amount of broadway clubs he can have in his hand to one (Qc Jc) He can easily have 9cXc, which makes me think he has even more so when he bets this amount on the river, as if afraid of a higher clubs betting bigger. Considering I have the nut flush blocker, I make him play for the rest of it. And he tanks for about 3 minutes, before deciding on the call. He shows down Jc8c.


  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I would just call the river. I don't think worse hands will call your shove.

    Maybe don't post the results until you get a few responses. That way you don't get biased answers
  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited October 2017
    Looks fine. You can just call river but villain is likely committed w their entire lead range and it's only for 1/3 pot so shove for value is winning.
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