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Poker in Macau

Rmikey17Rmikey17 Posts: 25Subscriber, Professional
Planning a trip to Macau. Has anyone played out there recently? Looking for some insight on where to stay, where to play, and whether English is widely spoken enough for me to get by. I normally play 2-5 and am looking for a decent (non shithole) hotel.


  • AaronNabilAaronNabil Posts: 24Subscriber
    I'd like to know the prevalence of short-deck holdem in Macau, especially in the higher stakes.
  • AJoffAJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    I took two days out of my trip to SE Asia in 2013 to see Macao. It was by far my least favorite days of the trip. It’s vegas if all the emenities (restaurants, shows, clubs) were replaced with baccarat tables.

    If you are going just to play poker; don’t do it. I stayed at the Wynn and didnt even play because the list was so long (I was looking for stakes equivalent to the 2/5ish level). It seems very difficult to get the amount of money needed to play 10/20+ equivalent stakes (maybe even 5/T) in and out of the country.

    Wynn was as nice as you’d expect. I only speak English and didn’t have any problems getting around.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,127Administrator, LeadPro
    edited October 2017
    I would stay far far away. Like Aaron said Macau is a Las Vegas without anything fun.

    Also the rake in Macau is 200HKD ($25) per hand no matter what the level. Smallest game is 50-100 at the Wynn (about $6-12) but you can find some 25-50 games at other places around town. But that rake (4bbs per hand) is just a killer at that level. Plus there isnt any smoking in a lot of the rooms which has driven away a lot of the Chinese VIPs. The Wynn is infested with the most miserable Aussie and Euro pros in the world sharing their same rolls against the one whale that rolls through at the high stakes. Take my advice and visit for one afternoon, dont make an entire trip out of it. I havent been to CHina since 2015, but I seriously doubt things have gotten any better with the anti-money laundering laws that they are enforcing of Chinese citizens coming into Macau now. Calling on @zambrota

  • RogerHardyRogerHardy Posts: 794Subscriber
    Aaronn wrote: »
    I'd like to know the prevalence of short-deck holdem in Macau, especially in the higher stakes.

    What is short deck holdem?
  • Rmikey17Rmikey17 Posts: 25Subscriber, Professional
    Appreciate the feedback guys. I guess I’ll just save the money and put it towards my Vegas trip for the next WSOP. Spending the next two years in Japan and figured it would be worth it, but not if it’s as bad as it sounds.
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