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Surreal Advantage Podcast No. 77: Surreal Advantage NFL Week 4

Daliman gives his breakdown of bets for Week 4 of the NFL.

Episode will post at 11 AM PST.



  • Lame_NameLame_Name Posts: 22Subscriber
    Dali - Reviewing week 4 results the biggest discrepancy between sexy and not sexy teams that match up in week 5 looks like the Cowboys vs Packers. Packers were +14 ATS and Cowboys were -10 ATS. Good spot to bet the Cowboys now in week 5 at home? Line opened at Cowboys -2 -105 at my book. If you agree with that thought, which way do you think the line moves? Bet it early or wait? If it moves to -2.5 I plan to grab it quick before it hits -3 but hoping public bets the sexy Packers and it moves down.
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