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I was enjoying watching Bart play last night at LATB but i could not watch the stream in peace because i work nights and was only able to catch bits and pieces of it. When i got home at 2am EST i was able to pull up the replay in its entirety but i fell asleep. It would be nice if they allowed the stream to stay on for 24hrs but no such luck. They want their $20 a month which i am not forking over since i am a CLP subscriber and a potential poker go subscriber . Managed to catch Bart $725 bet on the river when he hit the flush with the 2c? . There was a point i think 30 minutes into the stream where Bart looked bored to death or someone breath was killing him. Maybe it was Candy or Armeniun Mike? I would put my money on Mike as the favorite . Bart i have to admit your facial expressions are worth watching on just that alone
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