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Moving from Raked to a Time Collection Game

Planning on taking a few shots at 5/10 from 2/5 and was wondering the mechanics of paying the collection on a timed game. How does it work? I see LATB people giving some sort of card, can you pay with chips? How does it work? Sorry for the dumb question.


  • AJoffAJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    At MD live and the places I have played in Vegas you have to pay with chips. They collect when the dealer sits.
  • rinkers2003rinkers2003 Posts: 85Member
    I dont think at LATB they are paying with a card. In LA they come around every hour to scan your players card so you get whatever promotion there is. I think they are still paying in chips. I enjoy paying time way more than rake. There will be times when you are card dead and not playing many pots but over the long haul you will be saving money paying time over rake
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