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Facing a raise when we block what villain is repping

Main question is am I thinking too much about combos and blockers against villain who is a fishy/donk rec player who plays home games.
$5/10 game full ring game. 1 limper and I raise JdJh to 50$ from HJ with 1500$ approx. Villain 2000$ BTN calls rather quickly and others fold.
Flop (13$) 7d9d2h. I cbet 9$ and villain calls quickly.
Turn (31$) 10h. I tank for 30-40 secs thinking about bet sizing and thinking only 68 and J8 (we block 2 jacks) got there which I think is unlikely since he called pre quickly and he has lot more flush draws and bet 22$ on the turn.
He makes it 66$ total. Do I call or fold here? He could also have slow played sets on flop ( not sure if he always raises them on wet boards as this is the 1st time I playing him).
Should I just give villain credit for having 2p or better and fold? AA/KK would be an easier fold here for me as I don't block J8. Do I still fold JJ here? Is calling a big mistake?
How wide and often should villain be raising his draws/combo draws for me to think I can profitably call with JJ here?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    I severely discount flopped sets due to villain pacing in his call. For value hands, he really only has TT, T9, and 68s/J8s if you believe those are in his range. Otherwise, he's betting bigger draws that may have picked up value - A8dd most notably - but you having Jd blocks alot of those, leaning him hard towards value.

    Because he is very unlikely to have a draw, I think your 8 straight outs are clean. You don't have direct odds to call, and likely don't have implied odds either. Unless you think he's capable of making a play on you because he has a range advantage on this board, I'm okay making the exploitable fold.
  • sanoxsanox Posts: 82Subscriber
    As you block the 2 fd he could be bluffing with, in game I would probably be inclined to fold , even though like the precedent poster I would discount some of sets as well. So this is very close.
    I would for sure call with 88 and any black overpair.
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