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Crush Live O8 Video No. 41: "Live PLO8 Cash Game Review Part 3"

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 776Administrator
In the third part of his live PLO8 series Bart discusses handreading, position, turning hands into bluffs and betting someone off of their equity.



  • nopairnopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    edited July 2017
    First hand, I'd check fold this flop (but when he doesn't bet, now you got an easy bet once).
    When playing big cards, I won't play from behind, especially when you don't have the nut draw. (You only have two good cards, the queen and 9 of clubs).

    Third hand. Erle spewing/defending the straddle with 9543 is like defending your house with a forest fire. Fold. Let's get on to the next hand.... But no, the non-playable hand decides to bluff a hand that turns out to be only a 3-1 dog instead of maybe even drawing dead because because the real hand is actually wasting a card here. (Doesn't need KKK when AA was already plenty good.) But then he makes a silly river bluff. Good example of how in PLO8, cheap defending or even getting a free ride in the big blind can be hugely negative EV for weak players.

    Fourth hand. Erle just purely donked off a third of his stack with unplayable garbage, and now he follows that up by tilting into another pot with QJT8. The single mistake of "protecting a straddle" can lead to the complete unwinding of undisciplined players....... AT73 with a Q72 flop. Sometimes in PLO8 you aren't really trying to "make a hand". Catching the nut low on the turn can lead to you betting people out (either on the turn or on the river) or of course 3/4ing someone with nut low. In this game, these guys might call with 86 for low, so you can never dismiss how much value other people will simply give you even though it makes no sense. People screw up all the time. The more pots we have the winner, no matter how weak, the more chances they have to do something wrong, whatever that may be..... case in point, Zach bets a much worse hand than Bart has, even though Bart is sensibly judging his hand as mediocre. It is a mediocre potential nut hand though, and despite its weakness, Zach is just spewing value at Bart. --- I don't like Erle's call for a lot of reasons, but mostly because Erle just spewed horribly the previous hand. If you are a spewer when you are in pots, play fewer pots. He hits about his best card, and while we see the bet works out alright, usually even catching perfect here will be a disaster as Bart could have a flush draw.

    Fifth hand. "Don't play this hand... unless you flop gin-gin-gin."

    Sixth hand. Another reason to bet is there are so many easy straights for him to have, and you aren't going to get checkraised ever.
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