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Pocket tens as two street bluff catcher

Jesse_The_SuitJesse_The_Suit Posts: 493Subscriber, Professional
2/5, 1000 effective. Villain is a middle aged reg, capable of making folds and hand-reading. Pretty solid player based on my limited experience with his play. I open in early postion with pocket tens to 25. and the villain three-bets to 85 from the cutoff. It folds back to me, and I call getting more than 15x the raise. The flop comes our 9, 8, 6, rainbow. So, with an overpair and a gutter, I check. He bets 100 into 170. I think a call is the only option really, as he could be c-betting with AK, which I am ahead of, and I have some equity with my six outs against the overpair part of his range. So I do call and the turn pairs the nine. He bets 100 again. The sizing was weird, because I would think a decent player would bet more, maybe unless he has some super nutted hand like quad nines. Still, I have six outs if he has the overpair and I am getting good pot odds 470, 100 to call, so I call again. River is a king (second worst card in the deck for me) I check, he bets tiny like 125 and I just fold. Does my line and thought process make sense?


  • stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    up until the river is good for sure, and i think river is good too.

    price is amazing but i'm not sure people find bluffs here. IDK i think calling is probably what i prefer but folding isn't terrible IMO.
  • psi1122psi1122 Posts: 133Subscriber
    I agree with stay in school here.

    The price is good. Does he ever show up here with something like AQ, or AJ hand? From my experience playing low stakes, in general, when bets are this small, I just don't think he's doing it with something like AQ, or AJ. I think he probably has JJ,QQ, or AK. I just think he's trying to get crying calls from PP like yours. Either option is fine, I probably lean towards fold, but call is perfectly fine, both options are reasonable.
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