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Inflection point hand review WSOP main event day 2

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
blinds are 600/1200/200.. I had run my stack up to 120 k then made a move in one hand and it didnt work so was down to 102k and change when we came back from dinner.. hand shortly after i completed the bb with J4ss for min raise with like 5 other players in the hand. I called flop and turn on jack high flush and straightening board but folded when K hit river ..villain showed KK and was NOT the pfr but first caller..obviously trying to trap but it cost me 25k ..so now I am down to around 63k in chips when this hand happens..

villain opened.. although it seems like he might be lagging it up it has been hard to tell because my table has not shown down hardly any hands.. he raises in utg1 .. I have A :s: Q :s: and call from three to his left so mp 2 or so.. sb calls and bb folds.. his raise was to 2700 which was pretty standard for him. He started the hand with about 200k maybe a little less.. so first off is my hand better to 3!? I had been calling and playing post flop so my inclination was to call but want to hear your thoughts

flop 2 :s: 3 :s: T as usual he cbets.. in fact now that I remember I think he had a very very high cbet percentage.. also of note that the hands he has showndow were all legit value holdings.. he even bet river huge with QQ on fourcard runout when vil raised flop but check back turn when what seemed like an inconsequential card hit.. final board was 63295 and he bet pot and won ... so he cbets his standard smaller sizing.. I did notice once that he bet much bigger when he shut things down so I assumed he had something.. I call.. with my hand and image I am wondering if its better to take control of the hand and raise.. I had raised other flush draws in other spots at my previous tables but I was alot deeper and I was much more sure of villains tendencies to fold or was weak. Here I was torn with spewing off on a draw vs stealing with alot of equity.. After his cbet of 3500 and my call there is there is over 20k in the pot now..

K rolls off and now he bets 15k.. I think that if I missed my chance on the flop can I rep the kind or even get him off something else by shipping? after the call on the flop and preflop I have just about 55k ish left... but then again his bet and whats in the pot would seem hard for him to fold any value hand.. so I call hoping for a jack or any spade..

river is an os whatever brick.. and he thinks and just bets enough to put me all in.. I sadly fold.. :-( wondering if I had missed a spot to accumulate chips without having to realize my equity..ie playing a little too passively because it was the main event ..OR did I play it fine to preserve my stack and survive..

all comments welcome!!! except no trolling please..lol...



  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
    edited July 2017
    I had a spot like this against Rainer Kempe in the LAPC Main event but I had 0 showdown value. AQ is interesting because you beat some of his bluffs. However only if you get to show down. The issue here is that it looks like you have a T and or a hand like 66-99 so if he doesn't think you'll slowplay turn and your capped at a T on the turn he has a really easy all-in on river. I tend to want to make a turn raise more with a hand like 4 :s: 5 :s: or QJss as you can't win if you call and miss. However AQ goes down in showdown value when you don't get to showdown so against a guy like this that you think might recognize this I think jamming the turn may be best, but it's close. It would suck to lose to an accidental pair at the end too if you miss like a hand like A3 that double barreled. You credibly rep all sets and two combos of KTs, and with your image I think your going to get a lot of folds, maybe even from AK. Bart
  • nopairnopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    "because my table has not shown down hardly any hands"

    This is why you shouldn't have cost yourself more than a BB or so with the J4. Unfortunately because you lost with the J4, you were more limited and less threatening to the Villain in the AQ hand.

    As played, I think you did the AQ right. But unlike ring games, tournaments are accumulated units of all hands, not individual ones unrelated to each other. Especially given that you weren't at a showdown-y type table, you have to stop yourself from gambly/spewy losing significant portions of your stack... _that would be better risked in other situations_.

    Something like this was also commented in another thread. Losing some chips in gambly situations with very limited ways to win aside from whatever the straightforward draw is end up costing you when you can't use those chips as even a threat in hands where you have multiple ways to possibly win.
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    edited July 2017
    I played a similar hand at about the same time and blind levels. V1 LAG MP raise to 2.25 big blind by an active solid player with over $3.0 mil in tournament winnings. I typically flat here AsQs but instead I three bet. I had V1 as the best player at my table and I was avoiding him all day. he was on my right and we were both about 150k effective. Why did I 3 bet? Two reasons: 1) I was trying to avoid playing hands with V1 because I thought he was too good; and 2) I had been card dead all day so my image was even tighter than normal. In my hand V1 aggressively folded to my three bet. I find your hand interesting because you are describing the razor thin edges of decision making. Three bet pre flop? Either decision is very easy to support. I think you likely made the right decision to flat pre-flop for all the many hard to write down in a blog post reasons that compelled you to do so. As for your flop flat.... now we have a problem. Your thinking is clear to me but flawed. Your hand is better than his hand too often here to flat the flop you must raise his 3500 cbet to 10,500. There is no spewing or stealing at issue. Your hand is likely better - you must be conservative on the flop and take it down and move on to the next hand. Don't get greedy in that spot waiting for the flush to hit. Survive and advance.
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    R u still in? I am slowly starting to recover from being knocked out.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    nah i busted on hand 3 of day 3. dude raises after having raises hand before. I ship 15bbs w AJhh. he has KK and thats it
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