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Wsop Series Update! (my personal life rant)

whathas2banksswhathas2bankss Posts: 183Member
edited July 2017 in Las Vegas and WSOP
It's been a while since my last post (with the whole asking about MTT and staking deal), finally got that all sorted sorta. Here's the happening in my poker career since.

My deal turned better than ever. 100% staking deal, with zero make up, at 35% juice. I'm currently 0/7.5 (I bought a 1500 on my own) for MTTs and have turned my backer slightly into the red now (clearing all profits from before). He has his doubts for the Main Event now (yikes). He wants me to front up $5K (which means I'll be raking him for 17.5%). I could sell the rest to friends and family and just front whatever else to get into the main. With the juice I'm getting off this guy + the profitability of the main event, perhaps I should play it at all cost? Or is it possible for me to pass given my situation? Personally I rather just stuff that $5K towards investments, which I will then turn for my future house (which is $1.5M most likely for the area I want).

Been doing well at 5/10 NL in Vegas. At $20K profit in 1 month (didn't play on several days, maybe more).

So I recently met my EX-girlfriend who I didn't speak a word to for YEARS, we somehow connected again in Vegas for a weekend, stayed at her suite (cosmo near penthouse level) and had a blast at the clubs and each other's company. But she had to return home and I'm still here for another 1-2.5 weeks. Since then, she's been dodgy and non-responsive, so I figured I'd just leave it at that (not spam text her after 3 lines of her not responding) and hit her back when I return home. I remember vividly, I was winning like $5K and I didn't even really care or feel it. I was like, I would trade in this $5K for happiness (assuming we dated again - the Road Not Taken - I have a curious mind of what if's). For the record, I caused the relationship to break because I was very immature back then and naive

Slap me back to reality. I've lived perfectly fine and without a thought of her for several years. Now that she's back for a single weekend, my fixative personality is overloading with her.

I assume selling action/pieces of myself online to strangers would be relatively hard without any online results/resume.


  • AlduneAldune Posts: 55Subscriber, Professional
    edited July 2017
    Didn't really get how the $5k investment will help you with that $1.5mil house you want.

    Don't allow the scarcity mindset ruin your thoughts and well being. You will have plenty of other girls, if she had been the one for you you'd already know it by now.
    You're in Vegas FFS, just go out and meet other girls, you will immediately forget about her, and the confidence boost will help you hit up on other girls.

    Thin $20k brag makes me think you're on a massive cash game heater and not really aware of it, I would definitely put some of it into the main event where you have a bigger chance to actually turn it into a long term profit... (And try to assess the reality better and consider moving down?)

    Little bit harsh, but if I took the time to read that young man call for help, might as well share something back.
  • whathas2banksswhathas2bankss Posts: 183Member
    edited July 2017
    It's simple, it's a mindset of how to spend/invest the money. As Bart mentioned and other sources who I won't mention, they are break even after a decent amount of years. It may take forever literally before I realize my $5K. I rather continually dump my money into the markets ($10-15K annually) and hope to convert it out somewhere along the road. This is why I find it silly for people who don't report much. Roads are limited and a lot of your money is locked to cash purposes (though I've met some real sickos who don't even have a credit card and are like 30-40s I presume). #offthegrid

    It's not that I"m really stressing, I'm one to vent (about anything, I have a fixative personality, once I find the next thing, it'll be all consuming in my life, if you understand what I'm trying to say). Yes it's totally not healthy. It's not a clingy way though, I have enough control on that aspect. And I understand it's not like love tbh, it's more of infatuation.

    $20K for 5/10 NL in a month isn't a heater. Ask anyone who puts in hours. Yes definitely running good (well that's always whenever one is running at EV, don't ever feel a sense of entitlement because you never know when cards may turn)

    Edit: I've had some real heaters earlier this year when I recovered out of the "3 months of 5/5/10/20 PLO downswing". Refer to my older threads when everyone was giving me advice to quit it. Thank goodness I did and went back to games I do well in.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    The road less taken was less about the path being special and more about the path not being important.

    Enjoy life man. Lots of ways to be happy. It's given a lot of us tie money to happiness on a poker site but we also all know we can be just fine with less money as well.

    Side note- why not have the backer take u in cash?
  • whathas2banksswhathas2bankss Posts: 183Member
    I just stirred up that title on a literal sense, but clearly you've given it some thought. Which has made me reflect and now I'm smirking with a smile. Thank you for such enlightenment, serious. I feel a sense of tranquility befall me, but I'll have to reflect on this in my uber.

    I'm not close enough with my backer to do cash-staking. Like I don't even want a hint of him suspecting me of cheating. I mean if I downswing or even win something marginal, how does he know I'm not. And honestly it'll be on the back of his mind (since we not tight like that). So to avoid ruining a good thing (100% staking, no make up, 35% juice - best deal on the planet I believe), I'll avoid being greedy.

    I figured if I wanted him to stake me for cash, it'd be the big PLO game that runs near me. As we mentioned, we prob need about $200-300K to play it reasonably in the long term (that's not something I want to risk, or CAN AFFORD to risk). But the thing is, I'm not sure how big my edge is in that game if all I'm doing is targeting like one whale and battling 6-7 other pros. I might find a higher hourly, less stress, just playing 5/10 owning 100% of myself.
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