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Passive Line Puts Me In An Awkward Spot

ILikeGambleILikeGamble Posts: 89Subscriber
edited July 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$5/$10 in Vegas.
Been at the table for about 4 hours.
My thoughts are in the spoilers.

Hero (SB,~$1500) - Been pretty tight. Haven't shown down many hands but when I have they've usually been strong. Recently I have made some river folds in 3bet pots.

V (Button, covers) - Mid 20s asain reg from my local game on the east coast. Good TAG. Pretty tight (has been exceptionally tight this session), capable of bluffing, good handreader, can value bet thinly.

9 handed

Bad middle aged Asian guy limps in HJ with $1k stack, V opens to $45, I call in SB with A 8 , weak passive woman with $1500 calls in BB.

Pot $180
Flop A 8 3

Checks to V, he bets $100, I call, other two fold.
Didn't want to check/raise here as I feel like it turns my hand face up to 2 pair+ since the board is so dry and I thought V would find a fold if he had a weak-medium A.

Pot now $380, turn Q
Check, V bets $275, I call.
In hindsight I should've check/raised here because when he bets again I think he's got a relatively strong A, maybe some Axcc

Pot now $930, river 6
Check, V takes about 15 seconds and bets $2k, I have about $1.1k left?
I usually don't like this term, but I feel like I've underrepped my hand. But then again, he really can't have many bluffs, and an overbet to put me all in is a pretty strong move. Not sure how often he's turning Axcc into a bluff.

Call or fold?


  • doubletapdoubletap Posts: 166Subscriber
    kind of hard to fold after you played it like this, if he has aq, qq then he gets your money
  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    Preflop I think is a fold or 3! situation, but I guess flatting is defendable. Flop/Turn are probably both good as x/calls, as a turn x/r gets alot of folds usually.

    As played you should definitely call river.
  • IdlecaillouIdlecaillou Posts: 121Subscriber
    Looks like he thinks your capped or scared money and makes a great bet here
    This is how the larger games play that I've been in in my experience
    I've had this happen tons of times to me until I started playing back at them with a proper roll.

    Can't see you folding for 1.1 k.

    i call and hope it's Ak or Some draw

  • Jesse_The_SuitJesse_The_Suit Posts: 493Subscriber, Professional
    Yeah, I think this is still a pretty good spot to fast play and raise on the flop, as I seriously doubt he is just going to pitch a strong ace (the only kind he should really have if he is tight). I think this is a pretty questionable call to 4.5 open from the worst position at the table. I think the other fellow was probably right that this a three bet or fold spot (if dude is tight and good, I think a fold is probably bedtime). Certainly once you get to the turn you have got to raise, need to get money in there sometime.

    As played, yeah I think your hand is under-reped enough that he might be taking you for three streets with AK. Got to call and pay him off is he has AQ or a set. But really, I think the dangers of playing a small suited ace for a raise, out of position, is the main take away. If he had AQ or a set, I feel your pain man. Dropped about 1.5k with two pair hands in the last 12 hours.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    i call but id also raise turn like you said. if hes a good hand reader then Axcc is in our range and we picked up equity. could easily be called by worse and also lose value if flush hits.
  • iamalliniamallin Posts: 1,173Subscriber, Professional
    Fold or 3 bet pre.

    Raise flop.

    If you call the flop, I like the turn call.

    As played snap call river and yell gagnam style tagboy as you flip over your winning hand and do a victory lap around the table.
    Thanked by 1MonadPrime
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    I agree 3b or fold in general. Unless you had 2 big fish between you two and relative position. Then I like calling.

    I am indifferent to calling or folding for various factors. Replay the hand in your head and look for something that might change your mind one way or the other
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