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1-3. Better ways to play this set?

MarylandOMCMarylandOMC Posts: 52Subscriber
edited June 2017 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero MAWG. Been very active during session, with a couple of 3! bluffs early. Lots of good starting hands since, and have only shown down good hands as a result. Villian, white early 30's, seems like he's a good player for this level, playing conservatively, has laid a couple of hands down to hero's aggression. The last hand he folded to my aggression I flashed a set of 10's.

500 effective.

2 limps to hero in late mid position who limps, button limps. Villian in bb raises to 21. Folded to hero who calls with 44. Button folds.

Pot 52

Flop A J 4 rainbow.

Villian bets 25. Hero calls.

Pot 102

Turn Q completes rainbow

Villian bets 85. Hero, now concerned that there are a lot of hands that beat bottom set, and not enough stack room to raise/fold, thinks for a while and calls.

Pot 272

River. 7

Villian thinks a while and then checks. Hero bets 100.

More aggression on flop? On turn? Bigger bet on river?



  • RogerHardyRogerHardy Posts: 794Subscriber
    I assume hero has 44?
    Thanked by 1MonadPrime
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    What's a MAUG? Is that a cross between a man and a dog? Are you your own best friend?

    Pretty simple combo math. 95% of the time he doesn't have KT here and it would be KTs. I just don't see people raising these hands from the blinds like this.

    His most likely hands are AQ, AJs (11) combos
    if he checks his AA/JJ OTR then that's (6) combos...

    Where you place your aggression depends on the villain and his tendencies. When you showed your set of TTs you shot yourself in the foot. Now he feels more comfortable folding to you and saw how you act when you have a big hand. If you hadn't shown the chance he is being bamboozled will be more in the forefront of his thoughts.

    I actually think you played it fine if you know he can fold 2 pair on the turn. If he can't I'd raise the turn a little then have enough to force him to call the river.

    So raise $185, he calls... pot is now $472 you have $195 left, easy river shove.

    And please don't show your hands. You want to be looking like you always got the nuts preflop, don't fold, don't fold big hands, and don't bluff. That is the image I shoot for. If you want to show something show an obvious hand preflop like AA/KK when you 3b or shove all in. It places only that image in their head and from then on they only think you 3b with that hand or are very lucky if you get 2-3 of them. But that's about it.

    If you show a hand to me I dissect all of your physical and betting actions and will use it against you.
    Thanked by 1neverlearn2
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    edited June 2017
    U in MAUG? Ugly? Uropean?

    Shove river.
  • MarylandOMCMarylandOMC Posts: 52Subscriber
    edited June 2017
    Fuzzypup wrote: »
    What's a MAUG?

    I guess a MAUG is a middle aged ugly guy.

    I agree about showing hands, but I had been so active and able to steal so many pots, that I wanted to reinforce the perception that I always had a strong hand when betting.

    I believe I could have gotten him all in, but I went slow because this size preflp raise often indicates a hand like jj or even AA that does not want several people going to the flp. That's why I played so cautiously on the flp and turn. If he would have pushed river, I possibly would have folded.

    But, you're saying that I should push ahead with bottom set and try to get stack sizes in, in these particular circumstances?
  • MarylandOMCMarylandOMC Posts: 52Subscriber
    CycleV wrote: »

    Shove river.

    Why? So I can be sure to get AK to fold?

  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    I don't mind be this villain but if he showed any spewiness in raising turn a lot.

    But vs a tighter player I think it's fine. I would have probably bet bigger thinking he can't fold an A though but more like 140-150ish.

    i might lean to raising turn anyways and if he is tight like u said we can easily raise fold here since but this is me assuming he won't be shoving 2 pair on turn but you would have. A better idea then me. I'm looking to raise turn to get value from Ax that gives him a gutter or maybe he has 2 pair he's scared might lose.
  • ohsnapzbrahohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    I think the hand is played fine. A BB raising range is INCREDIBLY TIGHT. I talked with probably the biggest 1/2 crusher in my room about this once, and he said AQ was the botton of his BB raising range.

    I think ranges are so tight, I don't mind calling the turn and betting river when checked to. Worst thing that could happen is AQ turning itself into an accidental bluff. He has all the sets, but not all the two pair.
  • Jack7777Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    This is a trouble spot for me. Villain bets the flop which puts us to the problem of whether to raise and take down the pot. The raise is half pot puts us in a tough spot. If the raise was just a little smaller, I would raise double V's bet over the top. Might do it here. If he's chasing a gutterball, the hand is done. If he comes back over the top, you know what he has. Now comes the Q. Villain bets, we call. River V checks. If we bet, only better calls. TP isn't calling. Considering pre flop sizing, I check. AK, I'm happy to win pot.

    Lately, I have been opening with little pairs. There are several advantages. One is taking down the pot by Cbetting dry flops. If I am bet into after the flop, it's easy to toss the small pp. If I hit, the set is disguised more.
  • AJoffAJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    Calling turn is fine in position. I would bet larger on the river. You're targeting an A or two pair. I can't imagine either of those call $100 but fold for 125-150.
  • AlduneAldune Posts: 55Subscriber, Professional
    Fuzzypup wrote: »

    If you show a hand to me I dissect all of your physical and betting actions and will use it against you.

    Yes. Sure. Good luck with that. I wonder why people on live streams aren't getting soul read every time???

    On a serious note, wp hand, bet river bigger, surely looks like he has AJ/AQ/AK and will call $150 here.

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