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Crush Live O8 Video No. 40 "Live PLO8 cash game review Part 2"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
In the 2nd episode of Bart's live PLO8 video series Bart discusses the power position in PLO8 and how important and the perils of playing straight high hands from out of position.


Episode posts at 2Pm ET.


  • nopairnopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    1) good turn checkraise, with the point that if you were deeper it should be a call

    2) zzzzz

    3) not a good greedy little turn bet...

    4) guy makes lame raise first under the gun with offsuit big cards, time to take a road trip... and gets a call from big card trash out of position... one thing about Brandon's hand, he does have a fairly small stack, so his mistake isn't as bad. His hope for the hand is for what it was, he won a small pot, but given his stack size, that isn't a terrible hope.

    5) lol QJT6 out of position, where are the car keys... bizarre river bet too

    6) only calls with aces and a shortstack, yucko; I'd bet if I was Zack because these other players have shown themselves to be not good; great turn for Zack with stack sizes, must pot bet it... terrible check... except then Hollywood makes an idiotic bet, what a weird way to play... can't believe Zach doesn't instacall, sheesh. And he folds, OMG.

    Apparently playing EV+ poker in Sacramento is not something that happens very often...
  • 1OUTIRAISE1OUTIRAISE Posts: 6Subscriber
    I would like to study up more on that concept you post at the very end of the video where we need to bet half the pot/full pot.
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