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Crush Live O8 No. 39 "Live PLO8 cash game review Part 1"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
edited May 2017 in Crush Live O8 Videos
In the first episode of Bart's live PLO8 video series Bart discusses the power position in PLO8 and how important it is to recognize when you cannot be scooped and to bet your opponent off of his share in equity on the river.



  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Cut & pasted from text msg , so forgive the formatting :

    Earl AT73r.
    This hand might be a fold pre oop. Close to the worst A3xx. I don't think I'm defending AT78ccc from blinds either (in pot limit as opposed to limit O8).

    Bart AT8d2d vs AJJXdd
    Yeah, his river raise is an easy call since you assume most players aren't going to slow play a wheel on the turn, and that most would bet a live2 + flush draw after you check twice. Makes me think that maybe there's some value in slow playing a wheel in Zach's spot vs a good hand reader.

    Earl KKJ9sss vs Hollywood AA85hhh.
    Bart - you mentioned that you might consider opening T942hhh in late position. Maybe I need to widen my preflop range a bit, but that hand seems like it has a long way to go to make a winner at showdown. Maybe in higher stakes limit O8 having a wider range pre is important to confuse the hand reading of your opponents...?
    I think Hollywood should bet/fold flop and as played definitely x/fold turn when Earl pots. What river cards are we happy to see in Hollywood's spot? Maybe 2 or 4 (possible RIO), and def A.
    "That's the crusp of why middling cards are bad." Precisely. :)

    Hollywood KK66
    Agree that it is total crap hand that should be folded pre. I think the most important action in this hand is the flop bet by A554. I don't like betting here as you stated and would be happy to check behind and see the turn.
    Are we getting value from worse ? Any high hand beats us, and big draws and sets are ahead too. Are we getting better to fold - obv not. By betting we price ourselves into calling off Hollywood's stack with not a great hand on the flop.
    If however, we had checked behind otf, we could call Hollywood's bet ott (or ship over since we picked up NFD), but at least we have a better idea of how the hand plays out by seeing the turn.

    Bart AQ82ccc vs KQQ9
    When you say drawing to 6 outs, are you saying that every other non pairing card completes a straight, flush, or low?
    I think the main message here is that how defensive he plays the set of QQQ (stop raise, turn check behind, river tank/call), going back to preflop hand selection.

    Hollywood 4432ss vs AQ62cc.
    I'm probably raising the AQ62cc preflop with nut low + backup + suited ace w/ broadway.
    His bet into 7 way action with 3 pair seems crazy , but: the absolute dollar amt is only $25 and he should be able to easily bet/fold.
    In a short handed pot (2 or 3 handed), I would consider betting the flop with Hollywood's hand, but probably not with 7 way action. I think his fold ott is fine.

  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
    Re hand 5:

    Yes. I thought his small flop raise was indicative of a low draw plus flush draw, and like I said against more standard sizing I would have probably folded on the flop.
  • nopairnopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    edited May 2017
    Hand1... no problem with the open, but player should be thinking "I'm representing a strongish hand but I've got a weakish hand."
    - horribly bad lead on the flop... which reinforces that I would raise this guy's straddle liberally if I knew him
    - horribly bad lead on the turn... too bad it didn't come a big backdoor spade, that would have been interesting
    - very poor check with 73 low; good analysis Bart... Erle not betting is very weak, since there is zero chance we are getting checkraised... he needs to use his position to bet; this is why he should have called the turn against this player.

    Hand2... Erle mucking A954 after playing the last hand only makes sense if he respects this straddler more than the previous one. It's a weakish hand but A45 has a lot more potential to make a powerful hand than AT73 offsuit does.
    - KQ52 on the button is garbage in limit, but might be worth a limp in PLO8, however I wouldn't. You have to be able to stand the heat of betting in PLO8 and the hand that hits this one is to get a suited Ace to flop and both a K high flush draw and a 52 are too weak to stand much heat; 42, drawing to the second nut as opposed to the fourth is even significantly better.
    - I would have limped with Bart's hand because I want to play against the guy to his left who lost the previous hand; raising is okay too, with the understanding like Bart has that it isn't a great hand.
    - I like this hand more than Bart does because your "eight" has the one card deuce... so I like checking here from strength, not weakness. I'm hoping he is betting what he has, drawing totally dead. Let him hang himself, but don't make the pot too big.
    - second nut low on the turn with the ratty flush draw. I like my hand, and would never fold. I'd lean toward betting since I doubt he'd hang himself. Bet and try to take it.
    - easy bet for Bart on the river, and easy call, especially with the 2♦

    Hand3... crux
    - T942, way too weak, have at least JT, so you can potentially use all four cards if an ace hits
    - calling with KKJ9 is fine when headup and you have position. Speculative hand that you are going to fold the flop most of the time.
    - must bet AA85 here. Check is terrible, unless you check raise. Checkraise and take the pot right here.
    - bad break for Aces

    Hand4... Hollywood, tilt tilt tilt. Horrible call with a baby stack.
    - I don't mind the bet because opponent is so short, action is basically irrelevant because chips will get in on the turn anyway.
    - crap hands win two in a row

    Hand 5... Zach, tilt tilt tilt. The guy who lost the last pot again playing junk. Great game.
    - you could bet or check the flop; your hand should be good, but the tilter is the hardest to read
    - he played a bad hand and his raise is confusing because he has such crap
    - you should call the turn, that's a great card for you;
    - the unplayability of his hand reveals itself by him having to check the second nuts on the turn!
    - gin the river, pot it and use your fold equity; usually split it up, but he'll fold sometimes
    - good read about QQ56. Your hand can't lose, slight chance of being 3/4ed, more likely you 3/4 him
    - aaaargh on the baby bet... pot it pot it

    Hand 6... terrible limp with AQ62, but worse turn bet with no spade: betting 30 to win 30 if everybody folds.
    - given it was a limp, Hollywood should bet the flop, hoping to get the button, then check the turn if you don't love it. No risk bet because you fold to any big bet
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