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Crush Live PLO No. 42: Transitioning from NL to PLO Part 1

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 775Administrator
In this first episode of "transitioning from NL to PLO" FreeLunch discusses relative hand strength and position with relation to preflop.

Episode posts at 2PM ET.



  • PhilippPhilipp Posts: 55Subscriber
    Awesome video!! Cant wait for the next one!
  • PhilippPhilipp Posts: 55Subscriber
    This is exactly what i needed!
  • basecrdshpbasecrdshp Posts: 113Subscriber, Professional
    great video. Will these be weekly videos? If not, how often?
  • PhilippPhilipp Posts: 55Subscriber
    Is it possible to somehow send you a pm?
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    there is a pm tool if you just hit my name. Im not yet sure how freqent these will be, I have the next one done. Depends more on the overall schedule so thats a Bart question but I think the max I could do on theory stuff is every 2 weeks. Ill no doubt get faster later but it takes me a few takes becuase I keep having new ideas on simpler ways to explain and Im still getting used to the process. Will get faster when I move to more hand analysis type stuff
  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    My question is :
    Are you from philly / Delaware area ?

  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Nope. Im from NY. Was that an accent question? Live in Florida now
  • the_dude_abidesthe_dude_abides Posts: 331Subscriber
    I thought this was a great first video-nice job. I've played 0 hours of live PLO but it's something I am thinking bout delving into when I have more regular access to a casino (living in Boston currently. Wynn casino will hopefully be complete in 2019).

    I am interested in hearing more about the analysis process you used to construct your guidelines for preflop ranges. Sounds like you will cover it in a future video, so I will make sure to check that one out as well.

    I'd like to come up with some way of measuring "playability" of hands so that I can get a relative sense of, for example, the magnitude of the difference of playability between a top gap rundown hand and a bottom gap rundown hand. I am thinking it would be possible to build some sort of equity realization simulator where you use variables like position, opponent ranges, and stack depth to determine approximately how often you proceed beyond flop and beyond turn with a particular hand. Obviously that would be really complicated, so maybe more manually analyzing just how a hand tends to flop vs different ranges would work as well.
  • FreeLunchFreeLunch Posts: 1,311Pro
    Thanks James. The second video goes into the preflop hand selection process in a lot more detail. I also go into gap structures etc a lot more in the second video. It was getting too long to do all that in the first one and I thought it would be unsatisfying not to at least have a basic range in the first preflop video so I pushed some of that to the second.

    Way back there was simulation software for 08 that was quite popular (wilson turbo) . Ive never seen anything like it for PLO. I've seen attempts to create point count systems for high only but nothing that I think is any good. Im actually glad (at some level) this does not exist since I think a lot of the edge in PLO comes from the fact that the game does not lend itself to things like point counts.

    By the third video I move off preflop but I think even those videos will help with preflop as when I look at what our good and bad options are on different flop structures its a natural consequence of thinking about the situations that you also improve your preflop thoughts as it becomes more and more obvious why you dont want hand X on flop Y and you will see a lot of patterns from which you will be able to link back to your preflop thoughts.
  • PotLuckNeededPotLuckNeeded Posts: 58Subscriber, Professional
    I've played some PLO with success against bad players at 1/2/5 and 5/5. I'm working through all the PLO videos to clean up obvious leaks I have with assumptions from NL. Good introduction, I look forward to hitting it heavy this week.
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