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KK vs Quick Calling Villain

ChiliPalmerChiliPalmer Posts: 45Subscriber, Professional
2 limpers, I raise to $30 with KhKs on the button. Effective stacks $700. BB and 2 limps call. Pot=$120.
Flop: 8d9d5c
checks to me. I bet $80. Villain in BB calls quickly, limpers fold. Pot = $280. His quick call looks like a draw, especially with two left to act after him. So I range him on JT, T9, diamonds, maybe 87, etc. He could have a set (likely 55), or the 67 for a straight, but seems like those might have raised given the draws to a better hand.
Turn: Th
Villain checks, I bet $150 and he calls, again quickly, no thought apparently to raising. If he's got T9, he's now ahead, but again no raise or apparent thought of it. I think more likely JT, which now has top pair and the straight draw. Pot = $580 and there's about $540 effective left in stacks.
R: 2h
He checks. What's my play?


  • pokertimepokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    I think I have to go for thin value in case he has JJ/JT/AdTd. Maybe half pot? He's playing it so weak good for him if he's trapping. You don't give any history on V so you'll get some from this hand LOL.
  • stayinschoolstayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I would bet like $225 and try and get looked up by a JT, A9 type hand. Diamonds missed so I do think you can get value.

    This is only assuming V is unlikely to turn a hand into a bluff, because we really open ourself up to it using this sizing. Going this thin for value on the river is an exploit that can be exploited very painfully against us. So i would only do this against someone who I know would not C/R bluff nearly enough, so we are obviously betting with the plan to fold to a shove.
  • ChiliPalmerChiliPalmer Posts: 45Subscriber, Professional
    Thanks guys. I had not played this guy before, so I just decided to go for max value, hope he had JT or similar and that he thought I was bluffing a missed diamond draw. So I shove my $540 and he (quickly-duh) calls, turns over 55.
  • workinghardworkinghard Posts: 1,573Subscriber
    Before I read how the hand played out on the end, I was debating a bit between checking or making a small value bet. Your river shove is really overreaching in my view. The whole "i'm going to shove to make him think I'm bluffing and get a call with a weak one pair hand" is really an overused approach to getting a crying call. If you had a QJ in this hand, would you shove to induce a crying call with one pair?

    I feel like you wound up at the river not really having an idea if you were ahead or not of your opponent's range and so reflexively shoved not really sure if you wanted a call or not. My suspicion is when you shoved, you were hoping for a fold.
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