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Crush Live O8 No. 38 "Final Table $1100 Omaha 8 review "

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart reviews some interesting hands played at the final table of the LAPC PLO8/Omaha 8 tournament that he took second place from. All of the hands reviewed are limit Omaha 8 hands. This is the first CLP Video ever with a new graphics display setup.



  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    I like seeing something other than holdem. Honestly I'd really like to see some 7 card stud as well. Concerning the graphics I'd rather see a circle/oval and a button to make it clearer and the flip in the center like online. It would be clearer. Also can you do some o8 cash games with more people ( more multiway). This video is very short handed and I'm guessing the hands you raised w and played you wouldn't necc 8 handed. Most o8 games I play you get 5-6 players to the flop. Id like to see those situations myself. Looking forward to seeing plo videos by someone other than Don. I take it that's coming?
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    Have you seen any other of the 35 or so O8 videos? the last 8-9 were full ring omaha 8 review.

  • wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 422Subscriber
    No. I use beyond pod on my phone. Is there a way to have it download or show older videos? I can only download the last 5.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    No. I use beyond pod on my phone. Is there a way to have it download or show older videos? I can only download the last 5.

    Seems like you are downloading using the video Rss feed. Check this out.. You can download them right from the site:

  • nopairnopair Posts: 350Subscriber
    edited May 2017
    You played all five hands against the same guy, and he sure seemed to overall like high junky cards way more than he should.

    Hand 1... good raise, good betting on each street, only negative might be not having more confidence in the river bet.

    Hand 2... well played. Again, only flaw might be not more strongly being confident of your river bet... you'll never get raised, and if you are scooped he'd bet when it cam to him, and you do want him to fold one card ace hands if you can.

    Hand 3... bet the turn, you have no reason to believe your jacks aren't best, and you can stand a raise. Very bad river raise for all the reasons you run through: you have the jack of the suit, you lose two bets when you get reraised.... basically the problem here is you tried to get the value on the river you should have gotten on the turn if your hand is good. Bad waste of chips here, especially to your main enemy at the table (since the winner had a much bigger stack and you had about an equal stack as the guy who came in third; you don't want to lose to him).

    Hand 4... very good to three bet preflop here. Playing more passively would have made this a much more dangerous hand. Should have bet the turn, he isn't going to checkraise you and it becomes unlikely he bets the river if the board doesn't pair then, regardless of his hand. You end up making the same since if you bet the turn you should check the river, but still the turn bet gives you fold equity.

    Hand 5... good flop call, assume he does not have a king. Most likely a nine, but (see my first comment) I think his plo background makes him way overvalue biggish sucker pairs, so he likely had jacks/tens/queens. Given this, bet the turn. He might have AK, but he didn't reraise, so I assume his weak play actually means he is weak, like he was. Bet the turn and probably take it there. You gave him a free card, with at best a slim draw, so not good. You started with equal stacks, so this was a very key hand, if he hits his pocket pair with a free draw here, you likely come in third instead of him.
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