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saw ladies night LATB. Wendy seemed to have a profitable evening especially with KK vs Arnett JJ Shame they don't replay the sessions unless you subscribe and im not about to fork over $20 a month when i get some of the replays right here on past videos


  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    Thanks.. I actually lost a few hundred.. Did't really get too many hands and not surprising it was pretty aggro pre flop.. I was happy about my 3 bet with 9Thh vs krity's open iso .. as well as my 3! with the A9 also against kristy..

    I wish I had played the 25 hand a bit differently.. Lucy is a station and picking that hand vs her button straddle was not my best decision. Then not paying enough attention to see just how fast she was calling me (indicating she was on a draw) should have been my clue to tripple barrel her.. but I chickened out..

    I am happy with the way i played the KK vs kristy hand. She is aggro .. I felt she would perceive me as being weak especially since I hadn't had anything to play. And include that board texture hits her range more than mine based on her play I love checking behind on the flop there. I induce a weaker hand to value own themselves while I keep my range wide open but looking like overs.. Against better more aggro villains this is a great line for me to make more money than just betting. Had I just lead out I bet I get called on flop but I bet you she is folding turn.. Here I made two streets while managing the pot against her range. Now had the board been much dryer I am of course just betting all three streets.

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  • pedro666pedro666 Posts: 2Member
    Watched Bart get screwed over with quads over full house . He still managed to play the hand to the best of his ability where as an amateur would have raised all in instead of calling on the river. If Bart actually folded the full house on the river i would have thought he was the greatest of all time
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