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Crush Live Callins No 130. "First Timers"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart takes a bunch of first time callers with issues ranging from river donk ranges, preflop calling with AA, getting raised on the turn with middle set and getting bombed at with top pair.



  • BKismBKism Posts: 203Subscriber, Professional
    Rivers KQ hand.

    1-3 NL 360 eff

    In defense of value betting the river

    Hero button with KQo

    Opener 15
    One caller

    K 3 5 :r:

    Opener leads pot folded to the hero call.


    2 BDFD

    Big bet, hero called


    Now I understand that OMC checks A's. OMC knows what he is scared of. This V is just young and dumb.

    The pot is $320. Let's throw $115 out there and I think that we get 70%+ by this player with all K's. He has more K's than the average player in his range. A ton more than OMC.

    I know we could be value owning ourself against an A, but I think our V bets 2/3 of his A's. He is not OMC. He YMC, young man clueless. Give him a chance to give $115. Folding will bother him. He wants to call. He wants to know. There is pain in folding that never goes away. Make pay for his knowledge. Make him pay for the medicine that eases his pain.

    This is just a differing opinion from a player that has had success in the past at these limits.

  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
    My understanding is that the board ran out K3524.. Thats how I did the commentary for the hand. If I was wrong that it changes things obviously.
  • BKismBKism Posts: 203Subscriber, Professional
    @ Bart You are right. I had a typo. Everything else in my post i stand by. Sorry about the typo. I know there is a lot of curiosity in these bad low-limit players. The 1 liner slowed him down. This is not OMC, this is a different player type. Make him pay for his curiosity. He bets the A over 2/3 of the time. We are chopping KQ, beating his KJ's and KT's. Our biggest worry is tiny set. He limps most of those hands.

    So I still say bet.
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